5 Outfits, 5 Weekend Getaways To Take This Fall

No longer summer, not yet Pumpkin Spice Latte season: Yes, we're in that awkward in-between period where the cold brew is still plentiful, but we're drinking it while draped in the thick knits we just unearthed from storage. Maybe we're getting a little ahead of ourselves, but we're channeling all this anticipation into overzealous planning. We're dreaming up short-but-sweet getaways to take over the next few months and the perfect sweater-centric outfits we'd pack for each one. Join us for one last hurrah on the coast before it's officially too cold for a stroll on the beach, or an in-it-for-the-view trek upstate. Wherever fall takes you, we've got your packing list at the ready.

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The Non-Beachy Coast Trip
You got all the seaside lounging out of your system in the summertime. But, that doesn't mean there's no more fun to be had by the shore — it's just less sunbathing and swimming, and more strolling in layers. Embrace the elements in a bright-yellow raincoat, track-soled boots, and a knit beanie. Underneath your impermeable outer layer, start with a cozy, oversized turtleneck and denim dungarees — a hard-working silhouette that, with cropped culotte legs, puts a contemporary spin on a classic piece.
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The #DidItForTheView Trek
You may be a frequent hiker, or you could be a rookie, enticed by breathtaking shots of brown and orange trees in some unspecified valley upstate. Either way, 'tis the season to chase the changing leaves. Your wardrobe for this trip is all about achieving a balance between practicality and camera-readiness — there will be pictures. Bootcut jeans (yes, really) and go-anywhere sneakers are ready to get down and dirty, while a metallic windbreaker has "adventure" written all over it. You can let the stripes of a long-sleeved tee poke through. Meanwhile, a water-resistant backpack keeps all your belongings nice and dry (and your trail mix close at hand).
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Upstate Art Festival
No one goes upstate for the art. You’re in it for the ‘gram. Dress the part with a cool button-up skirt and steampunk-inspired shades that proudly show you’re not from around here. Balance out the downtown vibe with playful earrings (inspired by the always-fabulous Minnie Mouse) and the obligatory sweater that no weekend bag is complete without, and keep it practical with a low heel and luxe backpack — just in case you *are* in it for the culture.
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The Great Big Homecoming
There's no place like home — you might just not be able to go back there as much as you'd like. But, when your homecomings are few and far between, they require a little more special attention. To truly make an impression when revisiting your old stomping grounds, mix buttoned-up silhouettes with more playful elements — like a striped blouse and knee-grazing skirt with bold bands along the hem, paired with witchy lace-up booties, oversized acetate sunnies, and a collegiate-inspired messenger bag that recalls your school days.
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The City Staycation
You don't have to go far to get away. Book a night at that chic new hotel downtown — you know, the one with the artisanal coffee shop in the lobby. For some urban exploration of your own backyard, take your stay-at-home clothes up a notch: A jersey striped matching set has the pajama look down, but feels more elegant when paired with sleek patent booties and chrome aviators. Because you don't need a full suitcase for a 24-hour local sojourn, opt for a spacious carry-all to lug around all your essentials without that backpacker look.

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