How To Dress For EVERY Fall Temperature

Even though we've been through the fall-to-winter wringer 20 times over, we're still clueless when it comes to translating a numerical temperature into an actual outfit. (Oh, so high-50s doesn't mean pile on every heat-trapping layer in sight?) Despite our efforts, we always seem to not get it quite right, resulting in a commute where we're either sweating or shivering.

To suss out these sartorial gripes — and ensure we leave the house in an ensemble we won't regret — we created looks from the Zappos Style Room that show you exactly what to wear for all of Mother Nature's tricky weather forecasts. Mid-40s and windy? A turtleneck, pullover, and wrap coat offer the perfect layering recipe. High-60s with scattered clouds? Bask in the semi-warm temps with a tee, leather jacket, and boyfriend jeans. From freakishly warm fall days to the season's first snowfall, we've got your fashion weather forecast, right this way.