The Non-Girly Way To Dress For Fall

While some runway trends instantly find their way into everyone and your mom's closets, others become subversive, resonating with a more daring, off-the-menu kind of crowd. Case in point: Fall '15 runways were overrun by a brooding, edgy muse everywhere from Alexander Wang to Saint Laurent. Punked-out troops marched down the catwalk with tough-girl accents like ripped tights, studs, and leather, serving up a strong rival to the season's more ubiquitous motif: the '70s.

If you're the type who favors all-black everything and creepers over sneakers, this rule-bending look offers a new spin on fall when you can't bear to see another flare. Good news is, you don't need a chip on your shoulder to pull it off. Inspired by the provocative nature of Showtime's The Affair, we took key styles from the rebel trend and translated them into wear-anywhere outfits without losing the bad-gal vibe. Evoking the show's mystery and edginess, the looks also tap into the themes The Affair brings to the table in season 2. Even if you don't consider yourself the intimidating type, you'll find four excuses to add chains, plaid, and camo into your rotation ahead. But it's up to you to bring the 'tude.
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The Plaid Pant
Twist this punk classic into an everyday look with a cozy high-neck sweater and platform loafers. A playful, glittering graphic tee and tiger jewelry break the ice.
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The Leather Moto
Play up the jacket's silver hardware with metallic creepers, a studded handbag, and silver-splashed sunglasses. To keep the look from going over the edge, introduce color in a deep-V minidress that still maintains the look's provocative vibe.
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The Camo Accent
Keep camouflage subtle by wearing it in smaller items like a shoe or bag. And swap out your basic striped tee for one with stud embellishments for a tough kick.
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The Tough Boot
This zip-up, chain-embellished boot is meant for some serious stomping around. Add a gingham pant and graphic jacket to bend the rules even further with mixed prints. By keeping everything in the same color palette, you don't have to worry about clashing.
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