Yes, You Can Still Wear Miniskirts Even Though Summer Is Over

You're probably going to be doing your epic wardrobe switch-out over the next few weekends. And if we can save you from having to un-hang, lug around, and pack up one entire section of your closet, let us do the honors: Don't you dare touch your summer miniskirts.

It's going to get cold — but you still have months before things really take a turn for the dismal (we're talking those days where you have to layer long underwear under your pants). Whether you prefer sky-high boots or a floor-length topcoat to keep warm, we've got sneaky tips ahead for extending the shelf life on your shortest of skirts.
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The Extra-Long Topcoat
There seems to be an unspoken agreement that office temperatures are always set to the inverse of the weather outdoors. Dressing in layers can feel daunting when it's freezing outside but feels like a furnace at your desk. Thankfully, there's a solution: Top off your look with a long coat. Carry over your favorite summer skirt by wearing it with a medium-weight sweater and boots; the coat will protect your legs when you step outside .
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Over-The-Knee Boots
Wrap skirts have been popping up everywhere the last few seasons. And some brands have taken the hint and designed versions more sustainable for colder weather. This knit mini gives you the best of both worlds by incorporating a wrap-front with heavier cloth. Cheat in some added leg warmth by pairing your skirt with extra-tall boots — bonus points if you sneak in knee-high socks underneath. Top off the look with a cozy half-sleeve sweater.
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The Leather Mini
The official skirt of downtown dive bars has graduated to a more polished level — without abandoning the edgy vibe. For a truly scholastic look, pair it with these campus-approved loafers from Bloomingdale's, a creamy blouse, and a perfectly traditional plaid topper. Now that deserves straight As...or another round.
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Turtleneck Sweater
The best part about fall is simple — it's not winter. The interim season is the perfect chance to show off cold-weather wears before the "I give up" months of bundling it all under a parka or two. To keep warm, combine a flirty mini with a full turtleneck sweater to help distribute some heat. Mix and match your summer and fall styles by pairing the skirt-and-sweater combo with sneakers and back-to-school feeling accessories, like this backpack.
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Thigh-High Socks
If any sort of leg exposure is definitely a no-go for the temps outside, fully cover up with a pair of knitted thigh-high stockings or tights. For the new season, find a mini that stands out with a fall palette and pair it with basic-colored knits, like these gray socks and off-the-shoulder sweater. Complete the ensemble with your wear-everywhere bag and seasonal heels.