Makeup To Match Your Rad Fall Wardrobe

Photographed by Bon Duke.
Every autumn, without fail, we become shamelessly twee — joyfully crunching leaves under our boots and layering flannel with pleather to go pick more apples than we could ever eat. In our humble opinion, fall is the best time for outdoor adventures, with or without the occasional pumpkin-spice treat. The only thing missing from this idyllic October scene? Makeup that's as cool as the air.
Sure, no-makeup makeup is the talk of the town, but honestly, just try prying our berry lipstick from our festively manicured, well-moisturized hands. Not to sound dramatic, but seriously. We're not parting with it.
So, we asked makeup artist Janessa Paré to help us match our favorite fall beauty trends to our new cool-weather clothes. From the perfect lipstick to wear with plaid to a green eyeliner just begging to be seen with a trench coat, it's safe to say that our back-to-cool styles have never looked so put-together. Click through for the prettiest inspiration of the season, shot on-location in upstate New York. Fuck yeah, fall!
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Photographed by Bon Duke.
A Dressier Flannel
We love some good old-fashioned flannel-on-flannel action, especially once our priorities shift from staying cool to keeping warm. This year, we're looking for a way to dress up that go-to pattern. And, what better way to do so than with deep-berry lips and matching cheeks?

Araks jacket.
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Photographed by Bon Duke.
A monochrome lip-and-cheek combo is very current — even though it's a twist on a classic. "Use your fingers to pat the lipstick in, saturating your lips with color and creating a soft edge," Paré instructs. "Then, take what's left on your finger and dab it diagonally downward on your cheeks." For a natural flush, she recommends focusing on the low part of the apples of your cheeks.

"Make sure to do this on hydrated skin," she adds. "If your skin is too dry, you'll have unwanted texture showing through the blush."
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Photographed by Bon Duke.
The New Nude
We'll always love our dark fall lips, but this season we've been particularly pumped about nude ones, too. "The new nudes balance pink and taupe," says Paré. "You want to do a strong brow with this look, which balances nicely. The combination…makes a statement, even though it's subtle."

We’ll also be adding that pinkish taupe to our wardrobes. It might even become a new cold-weather alternative to white.
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Photographed by Bon Duke.
To make the light color pop on your pout, brush foundation over your mouth before applying it, Paré recommends. She prefers lip tint to lipstick here because, she says, "Nude lips aren't super flattering if there's no definition. You want to see the texture of your lip through the product, so that draws the light into your face."

To do your eyebrows, dip a spoolie into brow gel and brush upward. Don't just go from one end to the other, says Paré: "Start where your brow is the sparsest to first create balance before going heavy. Once it's even, continue filling in the whole thing until you reach your desired thickness."
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Photographed by Bon Duke.
Moody Metal
A burgundy slip dress, beige turtleneck, plaid jacket, and combat boots: No, we're not talking about your favorite outfit from junior high. This grunge-inspired getup goes perfectly with the moody fall weather. We matched it to metallic makeup that's reminiscent of the '90s — without making you look like a confused time traveler.

Araks slip dress, Holst + Lee necklace.
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Photographed by Bon Duke.
"The challenge with metallic eyeshadow is that it adds the appearance of texture to your eyelids, which can make your skin look less smooth," Paré says. "Use a hydrating primer, or even your foundation, on your lids to make sure the shadow doesn't get chalky and the color reads true."

After smoothing shadow over the entire lid and just past the crease, Paré dabbed some balm onto the center of the lid "to get that just-off-the-runway feel." Then, to balance the eye, she used a lip gloss with a slightly metallic sheen. "Make sure your skin is as matte as possible when you do this look," she says. "Dewy skin with metallic makeup is just a lot of shine."
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Photographed by Bon Duke.
Keep The Green Alive
Soon, green leaves will be but a distant memory. We'd like to honor that memory with green eyeliner. It's a surprising hue for fall, and that's why we like it. Plus, it looks killer with khaki.

Preen trench coat, Creatures of the Wind sweater and skirt.
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Photographed by Bon Duke.
Using a creamy green pencil, draw an even line from one corner of your eye to the other. Paré notes that this is a tricky eye-makeup shade, because it could make you look tired. To counteract that, she recommends using an apricot-based concealer under your eyes, which warms up the color and adds freshness.
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Photographed by Bon Duke.
Modern Modster
If you're going for minimalism this fall, we recommend trying on a palette of black, white, and true blue. It's chic, simple, and can be as playful or serious as you want. We kept the beauty clean here: pin-straight hair and a cat-eye fit for a lioness.
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Photographed by Bon Duke.
To prep your face for this intense liner situation, Paré recommends using a radiant-finish primer and a rosy-bronze blush. "Keep your skin even and natural, with slightly sculpted cheeks," she says. Dab a waterproof cream eyeshadow in your skin color onto the lids, which will make the liner look clean and crisp.
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Photographed by Bon Duke.
Draw your cat-eye using an angled brush. "To make it modern, have the flick pointing at the hollow of your temple from the corner of your lid," says Paré. And, don't be afraid to mess up: Keep a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover on hand just in case.

"You should use a ton of mascara with this," she adds. To get that '60s-inspired lash look, she recommends holding the wand vertically and using the tip to add clumps.

Now that your makeup is done, don't think about it anymore. After all, there are so many more apples to pick.
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