The Anti-Skinny Jeans You Will Be Wearing This Fall — We Promise

By now, you've probably seen the all the new— and somewhat intimidating — denim silhouettes at your favorite fast fashion stores, online shops, and even your Instagram feed. With wider styles popping up in skinny jeans’ wake, this new denim territory can feel somewhat disorienting. Suddenly, the skinny jean world we’ve come to know and love so well has officially been turned on its head — and now we’re thinking, What’s the difference between a baby bell and just a bell? Where are these strange crops supposed to hit on my leg?

It’s no secret that skinny jeans aren’t in the spotlight for fall, and now it's time to figure out just how wide you’re willing to go. Whether you’re taking baby steps and starting out with a boot-cut or diving head-first into flares, we’ve rounded up the best non-skinny jeans everyone will be wearing come fall. Give those skinnies a rest and step into one of the picks ahead.
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A classic boot-cut is a safe foray into non-skinny jeans. Lengthening and flattering, this style has some of the same characteristics of your favorite pair of skinnies, but feels fresh and looks great with a chunky sweater and fall boot.
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Boot-cuts may be trending now, but they can also be considered a classic silhouette. Amp up the statement with an unexpected mule or long tunic top.
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Believe it or not, with the right styling, white jeans can be just as relevant in fall as they are in summer. This pair looks chic with a statement sneaker year-round.
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Stick with a dark or black wash to keep things feeling ultra-modern and sleek while still being a cool-girl contrast to the universal skinny jean.
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The baby bell, which can also be called a kick-flare jean, is the bell-bottom’s little sister. It’s usually cropped and is a bit less flared than your typical full-length bell-bottom jean. And it looks great with a frayed hem or a bit of general distressing.
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For sleeker, clean lines, try the baby bell in a more uniform wash. These can be dressed up for work with a silk blouse and chunky heel.
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Frayed hems aren’t only for the bottom of a jean — this variation has the same detail on the waistband, which is perfect to show off cropped tops and sweaters.
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This wear-everday pair of baby bells come in a mid-wash that works season to season and has a little bit of stretch for all-day comfort.
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The ‘70s revival shows no sign of slowing into fall, so you’re almost overdue to find your go-to pair of flares. Great for flattering curves and elongating the leg, the flare is most likely to replace the skinny as your staple, especially in a classic, dark-wash style that goes with everything.
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For a cool-girl flare that doesn’t feel overly boho, try an almost-black wash and pair with a slip-on sneaker.
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The frayed hem trend works on full-length denim, too.
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This more affordable variation still has an interesting released-hem detail. Plus, the light wash pairs well with neutral tops and wooden platforms.
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For a voluminous style that doesn't feel like it's swallowing your entire leg, try the denim culotte.
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A sleek, high-waisted culotte with no front or back pockets cuts down on bulk and elongates the leg even further.
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Look for eye-catching details, like this pair's contrasting seams.
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This slim culotte shape is flattering for petite and tall figures alike.
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If you’re feeling bold, or just never liked how tight skinny jeans can be, give some wide-leg denim a try. They’re comfortable, breathable, and the ultimate fashion-girl staple.
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It's okay if a wide-leg jean is a little on the longer side — wear them with pointed-toe pumps or just own the slightly oversized look.
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A black wash with white paint splatters gives this pair an unique twist.
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Tackle two trends in one with this patchwork wide-leg jean.

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