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8 Must-See Fall Films (And Where To See 'Em)

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    If you’re looking to up your film-buff street-cred this autumn in New York (no relation to the Richard Gere/Winona Ryder cheese-fest), search no further. Here's fall's most recent list of additions to our ever-growing canon of buzz-worthy, must-see, must-Tweet indies. From doomed romances and crazy cult escapes to more doomed romances and punk-rock dads, there's an insane mix of movies on the horizon this season. With appearances from Kirsten Dunst and Antonio Banderas, a lesser known Olsen, and even a (very) famous puppet, our flick-picks run the gamut of genres and we guarantee there's something for everyone. So, get ready to laugh, scream, sad-cry, and happy-cry, because this fall, the indiemotional roller coaster is EVERYTHING!

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