The BEST Outfits To Commute In This Fall

Not all commutes are created equal, but whether you travel by subway, car, foot (or boat, plane, hovercraft, telepathically), chances are “my commute!” isn’t on your daily highlight reel. So, there’s no need to make it more unpleasant than it already is: Your destination clothes should also be commute clothes — so no non-functional outfits this fall, please and thank you. It's time to forget all unwalkable shoes, too-small bags, and uncomfortable work clothes, because in the slideshow ahead, we’ve put together outfit ideas that will help you operate in full, whether you're hitting the books or pounding the pavement.
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Two things need to be addressed here: 1. Never, ever underestimate the power of a sturdy backpack. Yes, we know...if you commute via subway, a backpack can be nerve-wracking, since it's out of sight. But if your items are tucked safely at the bottom of a deep, locked up (and gorgeous) pack like this Sophie Hulme number, you should be worry- and hands-free (and take your coffee to go). 2. Any seasoned commuter knows top-notch headphones are the key to success. Crying baby sitting next to you? Not anymore. Commutes are for getting AMPED UP for your workday ahead, are they not?
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If your office environment is a bit more dressed up, chances are the dress or skirt you'll don will have a longer hemline. If your office dress code is more lenient, you should go for outerwear and a sneaker that are a little more dressed up, but full of personality. That way, you won't have to act like a CIA agent (unless you are, which, shoutout to you) whilst changing into your office-appropriate heels. Get a clean bag with a lot of room, so you can stow everything away in one place.
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A little fall precipitation is no excuse for looking like you forgot your fashion sense at home — just ask any well-dressed Londoner. Replace your clunky galoshes with waterproof booties that are sleek enough to wear all day (no need to lug alternate footwear to work), like SOREL's matte, chunky-heeled platforms. Then, top off your look with a long, weatherproof trench and a vibrant bag that'll instantly brighten up a gray day.
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Alright, so basically this outfit is where it's at — suiting is making a comeback, and in a really chic, personalized way. Grab a longline blazer and a pair of rad trousers and voila, you're really suiting yourself. What's that? Your office environment is super chill? Pair the trousers with a half-tucked-in tee and a pair of great sneakers. We haven't even gotten to the best part — the over-the-shoulder laptop bag. Keep yourself super organized, (no seriously, there is even a place that neatly holds your cords) so you don't have to spend one extra second stressing about where your things are hiding during your commute.
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Bringing a huge bag to work everyday isn't always the rage. Sometimes, less is more. Try a small shoulder bag that is big enough to carry your sunnies and other essentials (just because the temps are dropping doesn't mean the sun isn't shining), and take a load off.

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