The 30 Fall Wardrobe Essentials Your Closet Needs

Overhauling your wardrobe for fall means dotting your "i"s and crossing your "t"s — and then going back and doing it all again with a bigger pen. When you're replacing flimsy tops and gauzy dresses with lots of bulky items, a tight closet edit is crucial. But, even the most decisive people have a hard time staying focused when unpacking fall clothes and thinking about what new stuff to get. In order to keep your eyes on the prize (an entire season in which getting dressed every morning is a delight, not a horror story), we've broken down all the items you could possibly need for fall. Go ahead and snuggle on up to the 30 picks ahead, and see them in action at our huge 29 Rooms installation during NYFW.
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1. The Chunky Sweater
A chunky sweater for fall? No way. While this might seem like an obvious starting place, we all need one reliable sweater we're absolutely in love with. These turtleneck options will do you right this season.
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2. The Metallic Anorak
In-between weather can have you feeling a bit kooky, so lighter outerwear that keeps you warmish and coolish — like trench coats and jean jackets — is what will keep you sane. We dare you to detour from a classic and try a metallic anorak instead.
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3. The Sock Boot
This sock-meets-boot-hybrid made its mark on some of our favorite runways, and we're all about the fitted silhouette.
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4. The Sheer Tee
Layering can be tough. Case in point: Getting sweaty, taking your chic sweater off, and revealing the ratty sleep shirt you accidentally kept on underneath. The solution is a simple: Go for an on-trend, sheer tee instead — and wear it with some statement underpinnings. The fabric is breathable, and you'll look nice when you lose the knit.
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5. The Under-All Turtleneck
You'll need that one turtleneck to wear under everything, but just because it's a layering piece doesn't mean it has to be overly plain or basic. Look for them in thin, soft fabrics and with interesting details, like lace accents.
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6. The Silk Scarf
We already know all the ways to style a bandana, which means there are just as many ways to style its more upscale cousin, the silk scarf.
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7. The Sans-Tights Skirt
This is the perfect skirt for that in-between season. Its midi length means there's no need for tights — just throw on your favorite booties and go.
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8. The Sneaker Loafer
Brands like Prada and Aldo introduced the sneaker to the loafer, and while this is not a shape for everyone, it's definitely grabbed the attention of a select group of stunnas. The difference between these and those awkward sneaker-loafers you'll find on cubicle-bros is all in the toe and soles. Avoid square toes, thin treads, and "distressed" leathers, and you're good to go.
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9. The Belted Blouse
Super-chic and effortlessly flattering, the belted blouse is your new go-to for the office. You can feel dressed up without having to wear a dress.
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10. The Mod Pinafore
This retro-leaning A-line dress is surprisingly versatile. Wear it to work with oxfords, to brunch with sneakers, or out with heels — and it'll be universally flattering.
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11. The Mixed-Media Bag
Python prints are popping up all over the place this fall, especially when paired with solid-colored leathers and reptile-y hues.
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12. The Cropped Flare Jean
You're going to need jeans come fall — might as well spice it up with a style that makes your outfit instantly cool.
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13. The Textured Clutch
It's a lot more fun than a crossbody or a minaudière at night — plus, it holds a lot more, too.
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14. The Throw-On Trousers
Don't treat these like regular work pants. Instead, think about them like jeans — they go with anything, from a graphic T-shirt to a leather jacket to a pair of grubby Converse to a sparkly disco top.
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15. The '90s Cat Eye
This retro shape looks good no matter how angular or round the frame. Go for a sleek, '90s take that feels like fall — difficult to achieve in the world of sunglasses.
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16. The Suede Dress
Ideal for layering, the suede dress is a warm and on-trend staple for cooler weather. Extra points for playing into the mod or '70s trends that are big this season.
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17. The Graphic Tartan Top
This isn't your typical plaid flannel — take your tartan to the next level with an elegant (and cozy) turtleneck.
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18. The Lace-Up Heel
The lace-up heel has done us right this summer. Take this style into fall with a pointed, closed-toe style.
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19. The Longline Bomber
This awkward time of year necessitates in-between items. It's not quite cold, but also not warm. Non-heavy sleeves are a necessity. Enter the longline bomber, which brings summer cool to fall dressing.
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20. The Not-So-Sweaterdress
It's too soon to break out the heavy knits — so, consider this a Sweaterdress Lite: made from thin knits, with bright, mismatched pinstripes for a fun, graphic effect.
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21. The Patchwork Bootie
All-patchwork-everything is the name of the game for fall, so why not apply it to your booties, too? This trend is the perfect update to your usual brown or black.
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22. The Off-The Shoulder Sweater
The impatient shopper will be pleased by this knit trend: The off-the-shoulder neckline is seeping its way into your fall wardrobe, making up for the exposed skin with thick, heat-retaining knits that give you the best of both seasons.
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23. The Ball-&-Chain Earrings
Miley-Cyrus approved, these wrecking-ball earrings will add some visual interest to all your fall turtleneck outfits. They're dressy and interesting without being typical chandeliers.
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24. The Flounce Skirt
Our denim now has a kick to it, and so should our skirts. The layered, structured detail adds a sculptural element that makes a simple A-line or pencil skirt 100% more interesting.
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25. The Ruffled Mock Neck
Dress like it's 1776 — we promise it's cool now.
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26. The Enamel Pin
And you thought your childhood of pin-collecting was over. You can get these accessories at yard sales and consignment stores for next to nothing.
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27. The Power-Player Blazer
Power silhouettes from the '80s are making a big comeback this fall. Get yourself a sharp-shouldered blazer to wear over everything else on this list.
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28. The Layer-able Jumpsuit
You may think of a jumpsuit as the do-it-all wonder that requires no additional coverage. But, you can wear a turtleneck (or another type of sweater) under a boiler suit, which is looser all over, with a slight cinch at the waist.
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29. The Bell-Sleeved Dress
We've got a trick up our sleeves: It's called the bell-sleeved dress, and it makes every fall cocktail party feel a lot less drab — and a lot more playful.
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30. The Subtly Quirky Tee
Got something to say? Let your tee do it for you.
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