The Facehunter Book, Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You!

We already have stacks of pretty books jostling for space on our coffee tables, so its hard to find an excuse to make room for yet another one. But since we heard that Yvan Rodic of Face Hunter, the blog of all street style quirky and off-kilter, was publishing his own book—in a manageable novella-size size, at that—we had to reconsider our book-buying moratorium. The book compiles some of the best images Yvan has showcased on his blog, including shots from his jaunts to almost thirty countries. The book will premiere at fashion retail mecca Colette on January 23rd, and for now, they can be pre-ordered online on Amazon. Walk, don't run! (Facehunter)
See inside The Sartorialist's Book

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