10 Totally Must-See Facebook Live Videos

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In February 2005, a little site called YouTube started a revolution. It allowed anyone, anywhere, to easily upload recorded content to the web. Now it's 2016, and Facebook is doing the same thing for live video with Facebook Live.

On what other platform can a mom laughing in a Chewbacca mask draw more views than top celebs? If you're not convinced enough to try Live yourself yet, just know that Candace Payne (a.k.a. Chewbacca Mom) has earned almost half a million dollars from that video. Pretty impressive, if you ask us.

Plus, in light of Facebook Live's instant success, other social networks — like Tumblr for instance — are hopping on the livestreaming bandwagon, too. But in terms of creative, original content, Facebook Live is emerging as a winner. We've rounded up 10 must-watch Facebook Live videos that will draw tears, make you laugh hysterically, and incite curiosity. Click through to see them all.
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Mark Zuckerberg Chats With Astronauts

It’s no surprise that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Live is flawless (he did create it, after all). But the fact that his Live offers an up-close look at astronauts in the International Space Station really is pretty cool. Go to the 11:20 mark to get the lowdown on how food and drink taste in space (astronaut “ice cream,” anyone?).
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Candace Payne Is Chewbacca

Candace Payne, better known as “Chewbacca Mom,” still holds the record for most views (currently over 150 million) thanks to her hilarious take on a Kohl’s Chewbacca mask. She’s earned fame, riches, and even a trip to Facebook headquarters. Props to her for a very well-spent $20. She showed that anyone can achieve viral fame with a Live session.
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Will Ferrell Rocks Out

This Live is long — and definitely scripted — but Will Ferrell still brings it in a drum-off (not to be confused with a walk-off) with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Fast-forward to minute 11, where the introductory commentary ends and the video's fun really starts.
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Channing Tatum Announces Magical News

Tatum made headlines for taking to Live to announce a Magic Mike Live show coming to Las Vegas. But really, the best part of this video happens in the first five seconds, when he calls it a "Facebooky Live thing." It's goofiness at its best. More dancing next time, please!
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Sheryl Sandberg Draws Tears

Graduation speeches are tough to get right, but Sheryl Sandberg touches on issues that will resonate with everyone in her UC Berkeley commencement speech. She talks about the women who have inspired her, and brings all the feels at the 22-minute mark, when she speaks for the first time publicly about her husband's sudden death last year. For a lesson in resilience, this is a must-watch.
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Photo: Joan Marcus.
Behind The Scenes With The Hamilton Cast

We may never see Hamilton in person, but at least we can get an insider look at the cast. By now, you’ve probably seen Lin-Manuel Miranda’s amazing acceptance speech at the Tonys, or at least the line from it that went viral: “Love is Love is Love.” But did you see the cast’s reaction backstage? It will make you get teary all over again.
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Scott Eastwood Bros Out

This Live session with Scott Eastwood was meant to raise awareness for ocean conservation. We're not really sure how watching him surf does that, but it sure is hilarious. This is a bunch of men acting like immature boys. Head to the nine-minute mark to hear them screaming and giggling about lost surfboards. But if you tend to get seasick, it might be best to skip this one.
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Sylvia Earle Takes You Scuba Diving

It isn't often that you get to go scuba diving with a world-famous oceanographer, but that's what happened in this underwater Live in the Channel Islands. Marvel at the beauty of the ecosystem and the fact that even at 80, Earle is still in her prime (and, you know, also feel a little like Ariel).
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Photo: ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/Getty Images.
The Smithsonian National Zoo Reveals A Mom-To-Be

Congratulations, Batang! The Smithsonian National Zoo takes you behind the scenes to reveal that its 19-year-old endangered orangutan is pregnant. They even perform an ultrasound! Cue the awwwwws.
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Michael Phelps Ignites Olympic Fever

Ready for Rio? You will be after this Live with Michael Phelps, where you get an inside look at the swimming star's practice. Fast forward to minute seven, where his teammate Allison Schmitt totally steals the show.