Fellow Halloween Freaks, We've Got A Surprise For You Over On Facebook

We know that some of our readers are cut from the same orange-and-black cloth as we are, and rank Halloween above Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, July 4th — hell, even our own birthdays — in terms of importance. For those among you who consider October 31st and all the costumes, parties, and preparation that comes with it sacred, this is a Refinery29 update made spook-cifically for you.
This morning, we launched our Ultimate Halloween Guide on Facebook where you'll be able to access all our best content, from a blood-splatter nail-art DIY trend to the best scary movies that'll actually get you in the mood (and, oh yeah, up-to-the-minute coverage of whatever Hedi Klum's doing that night). Sounds like something you might be into? Click here to start exploring… only 22 days left to go!