Ultra-Modern Beauty Looks You're Sure To LOVE

Applying eyeliner can be tricky — even when the makeup gods are pulling for you. And that's not even taking into account how to apply it. Sure, you can and should wear whatever look you want, but there's no denying that the way you draw on your liner has the power to accentuate, or mask, your eye shape. And we want to do the former. So, we partnered with Revlon and consulted pro makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci to break down which liner looks are best for various eye shapes — from an elongated cat-eye to a modern negative-space look.
Here, we tackled looks for three common eye shapes — almond, monolid, and round — although anyone can wear them. To determine your eye shape, first look in the mirror. If there's visible white space above or below your iris (the colored part of your eye), you likely have round eyes. If you don't see any, you probably have almond-shaped eyes. While monolid eyes are typically almond-shaped, they don't have a crease at the lid.
Now, onto the eyeliner. "A blocked-off liner look works for round eyes because it really brings out the [shape] of your eyes, as opposed to trying to fake upturned corners with a winged tip," says Ciucci. Those with almond-shaped eyes can try an ultra-modern negative-space liner look, which upturns the eyes just slightly, mimicking the natural shape of your eyes. And if you have monolids, try an extended cat-eye to elongate your natural shape even further. Finally, finish with mascara, like Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara. The tiny fibers latch onto each individual lash, elongating them for va-va-voom-level volume. Fair warning: Everyone might think they're extensions. We won't be the ones to correct them.
Ever notice how a lipstick can look amazing on your BFF, but when you go to try it on yourself, it just looks a little...off? That’s because we’re all individuals with different skin tones, eye shapes, body shapes — you name it. And while we believe every woman can wear whatever the heck she wants, we also believe there’s nothing wrong with a little direction. Enter Own Your Shade, our newest video series with Revlon. It's all about owning what works for you — whether that's an eyeliner application tip that'll make your eye shape stand out or advice on finding an endlessly flattering red lipstick. Own it, live it, love it.
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