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How To Get The BEST Brows For Your Face

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    These days, the word "eyebrow" conjures images of stunning, big-browed beauty Cara Delevingne. But, brows have been a beauty benchmark for years. From Elizabeth Taylor, whose eyebrows were as dramatic as her love life, to Brooke Shields and her brushed-up arches, fashion icons prove that well-groomed brows can define a look.

    For those of us not blessed with naturally flawless face-framers, mastering our brows can be quite the conundrum. So, we called on Marisa "Riss" Perel, eyebrow specialist at Spa Radiance, to help break down brow barriers and reveal the best techniques for next-level arches. Whether you have barely there brows that demand definition or unruly caterpillars that need to be tamed, Perel has a solution.

    As Riss is quick to declare, “Your brows are meant to be sisters, not twins.” So, it's time to give them a relative makeover.

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