Where To Finally Debut Those Weird, Impossible-To-Wear Dresses

Some argue that fashion, ultimately, is meant to be worn, and if you can't figure out if a hole is a head-hole, an armhole, or a metaphorical space that expresses' the artist's rejection of traditional material mediums then that's a problem. Thank goodness for those truly brazen among us — the Michelle Harpers and Rei Kawakubos of the world — for demonstrating what a little imagination (and a lax HR department) could do for your wardrobe. Still, though, we've been hard-pressed to discover just the right time to wear a human-sized quilted trivet.
So, if your calendar isn't full of VMA performances and tea with Gaga, are there still places to pull off these challenging looks? Yes!...Well, maybe? For real women with real-women schedules, we've finally — finally — found the perfect occasions to wear a handful of looks that've been eluding us.
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To attend an event honoring the anniversary of the SATC "naked dress" after you accidentally "blue" yourself permanently attending an event honoring the anniversary of the Blue Man Group.

American Apparel Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh Long Sleeve Mini Dress, $29, available at American Apparel.
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An on-trend hospital gown for your annual physical at the world's premiere fashion clinic.
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You're gunning for "best dressed" at your aviary league's annual end-of-year awards.

Gucci Heaven's Bird Embroidered Long Sleeve Gown , $16,000, available at Gucci.
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Wear this number to that upcoming Edward Scissorhands pajama party.
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For the first meeting of the "People-With-Five-Legs Association."

Delpozo Embellished silk-chiffon dress, $3,300, available at Net-A-Porter.