Nine rich and delicious accessory trends to copy now. By Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi

Despite the dismal goings on out there in the world, let's face it: A gorgeous bag or new pair of stiletto booties can sure do a lot to boost a girl's spirits. That said, hunting through fall's best runway shows, we discovered several accessory themes to start getting excited about now: rhinestones, flight caps, heavy chains, and spiked accessories are all topping our list. Can a pair of embellished tights really make you feel a little happier? As far as we're concerned, hell yes!
Embellished Tights
Above, from left: Fall '09 looks from Zac Posen, Doo.Ri, Miu Miu.
Flight Hats
Above, from left: Fall '09 looks from Hermès; 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jean Paul Gaultier.
The Return of the Stiletto
Above, from left: Fall '09 looks from Stella McCartney; Christian Louboutin.
Above, from left: Fall '09 looks from Vera Wang, Jonathan Kelsey.
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Above, from left: Fall '09 looks from Jean Paul Gaultier; Givenchy.
Bedazzling Rhinestones
Above, from left: Fall '09 looks from Vera Wang; Thakoon; Thakoon.
Above, from left: Valentino; Vera Wang; Lanvin.
Short Gloves
Above, from left: Fall '09 looks from 3.1 Phillip Lim; Alexander McQueen; Louis Vuitton.
Spiked Accessories
Above, from left: Fall '09 looks from Alexander McQueen; Derek Lam; Givenchy.
Above, from left: Marc Jacobs; Givenchy.
Heavy Chains
Above, from left: Fall '09 looks from Dolce & Gabbana; Christian Lacroix.
Above, from left: Fall '09 looks from Marni, Burberry Prorsum.
Thigh-High Boots (More here...)
Above, from left: Fall '09 looks from Louis Vuitton; Chloé.Nine rich and delicious accessory trends to copy now.

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