Chicago Workouts To Up Your Fitness Game

This winter lasted forever and a day — even by Chicago standards. During those endless cold and windy months, you may have spent more time hibernating than exercising. But, with warmer temps comes a renewed dedication to your fitness goals. And, we’ve got 10 classes to inspire you to get your butt in gear.
From busting a move like a ballerina to kicking butt like a marine, you'll be in tip-top shape no matter your fitness level. So, what are you waiting for? You've got nothing to lose and plenty of confidence to gain.
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Photo: Courtesy of Flywheel.
Flywheel Sports
If you’re looking for a serious sweat session and have a competitive streak (a big ol' screen displays how everyone is doing), then 45 or 60 minutes at Flywheel is all you need. This workout is actually fun, thanks in part to the upbeat tunes curated by the in-house DJ and the adjustable bikes that are actually comfortable. And, now, with the release of Flywheel’s new iOS app, it’s never been easier to get motivated to work out. You can reserve a spot, check into class, and invite your Facebook buds to join you via the new social-sharing feature.

Flywheel Sports, multiple locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of Equinox.
ShockWave at Equinox
Question: How often do you use the rowing machine at the gym? During the ShockWave class at Equinox, you’ll get an amazing full-body workout with some help from the old-school equipment. You rotate between different stations (the rower being one of them) in a circuit fashion, using everything from a body bar to a Bosu. The exercises are different each class, so you’ll never find yourself watching the clock.

Equinox, multiple locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of CrossTown Fitness.
CrossTown Fitness
Even if you're gung ho at first, it's not unusual to get bored with a class after a few sessions But, that’s not going to happen at CrossTown Fitness. This super-challenging interval workout (half cardio, half strength training) utilizes a variety of equipment, from TRX to kettle bells to your own body weight and more. Classes like the Total Body (our favorite) are completely different each and every time. The only thing that doesn’t change? How hard you’ll work.

CrossTown Fitness, 1031 West Madison Street (at Carpenter); 312-550-1063.
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Photo: Courtesy of the Dailey Method.
The Dailey Method
The Dailey Method is a perfect complement to our running routine, but that doesn’t mean it’s not tough enough to stand up on its own. We’ve got sore muscles to prove it. This no-impact, weight-bearing workout involves a smart mix of challenging barre work, core conditioning, and yoga, and it will get you in shape from top to bottom.

The Dailey Method, multiple locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of AIR Ariel Fitness.
AIR Aerial Fitness
In a workout rut? Then you’ve got to try AIR Ariel Fitness, a favorite of actress Claire Danes. While suspended in the air on a silk hammock, you’ll work through yoga and Pilates-type moves to lengthen, strengthen, and tone your body. We suggest you start out with the AIR Foundation class, which — along with the basic aerial exercises — teaches you how to balance on that hammock and stay conscious of your body alignment.

AIR Aerial Fitness, multiple locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of Shred 415.
The Shred415 interval-style workout involves alternating cardio on Woodway treadmills (opt to walk, jog, or run) with weight training throughout the course of 60 minutes. The result is a high-impact session that surpasses most traditional workouts. Opt for the Total Body class that covers all of your muscle groups.

Shred415, multiple locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of Exhale.
Core Fusion Barre + Cardio at Exhale
As if the classes at Exhale weren’t challenging enough, the latest addition really ups the ante on butt-kicking fun. A combination of 30 minutes of sprinting exercises followed by traditional barre work, Core Fusion Barre + Cardio truly is the best of both workout worlds.

Exhale, 945 North State Street (at Oak); 312-753-6500.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trainology Fitness.
Glideology at Trainology Fitness
Whoever said working out couldn’t be fun? In Glideology, you’ll mimic the moves of Apolo Ohno on a glide board, so you can skate your way to a more toned backside while burning some serious calories in the process.

Trainology Fitness, 309 West Chicago Avenue (at Orleans Street); 312-526-3268.
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Photo: Courtesy of Barre Bee Fit.
The Barre Code
Don’t let the name fool you. The Barre Code is not just a straight-up barre classes. If you’re really looking to maximize your cardio while getting a total body workout, try Barre Brawl. This challenging combination of kickboxing and strength work is so awesome, it was recognized by Self magazine as one of the top classes in the country.

The Barre Code, multiple locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of SurfSet Fitness.
Mike Hartwick discovered the amazing effects regular surfing can have on your body, so he decided to make the sport accessible to everyone — even the land locked — by creating SURFSET. The total-body surf trainer forces you to try and keep your balance, resulting in a physique that's lean and toned — not bulky. Surf city here we come!

SURFSET at Moirai Health & Fitness, 664 West Hubbard Street (at Union Avenue); 630-544-4416.