18 Basics Fashion People LOVE

Basics can get a bad rep — they're too cheap, too expensive, too boring, or too plain. But, they're actually the glue that holds a well-rounded wardrobe together. They're your outfit foundation, your everyday go-tos, and the only pieces that truly stay around as trends come and go.

But for your basics to deliver all the versatility you expect, they've got to be really good. With these pieces, quality trumps quantity, because it's better (and way more efficient) to have one perfect white tee than eight mediocre ones. And though it might cost you more up-front, when you're wearing these staples like crazy (we're talking every other day) you'll quickly realize that splurging a bit will pay off in versatility, durability, and wearability in the long run. (If you've bought a cheap number that unraveled after just two washes, you know what we're talking about.)

So, where does the hunt for these seemingly fictional, life-changing basics begin? Word of mouth, of course. We asked 18 so-stylish ladies about the pieces they've worn 300 times already, and still will never, ever retire (and that's saying something, considering how quickly things seem to enter and exit our closets). Click on for the items you can wear every day without tiring of them — these picks won't disappoint.
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The Classic Crossbody
"This is my everyday purse; I've been wearing it for the past several months, and have yet to fall out of love. It's just the right size for all of my essentials: phone, keys, wallet, camera, and a few hundred lip balms."
Jess Hannah, designer, J. Hannah Jewelry
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The White Shirt
"My lifelong quest for the perfect white shirt ended here. I'm a bit of an oversized shirt hoarder, and this is the greatest one I've found thus far. It's quite a thick linen, wears in nicely, and is incredibly flattering — which is a great compromise if you wear men's clothes more than you care to admit but also want to look like a woman sometimes."
Samantha Hillman, food stylist
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The Perfect Lived-In Levi's
"I've spent the better part of the past two decades hunting, gathering, and disintegrating vintage Levi's. I never grow tired of them, and I never will."
Rachael Wang, stylist and creative director
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The Black Bandana
"A bandana is a great way to add some depth to a plain white shirt."
Lainy Hedaya, creative consultant
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The Sleeveless Turtleneck
“Lately, a navy, sleeveless turtleneck has been my layering hero. To end the summer months, it worked well over dresses and tees. Now, it livens up a long-sleeved shirt and looks sharp under a blazer. What’s not to love?”
Lauren Chan, associate fashion writer, Glamour

Derek Lam
Striped Boulcé Sweater, $495, available at Barneys.
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The Barely There Necklace
"I love this necklace, because it is simple, sophisticated, never gets in the way, and goes with everything. I rarely take it off — it's my favorite piece of jewelry."
Amy Marietta, creative brand and talent consultant
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The Black-&-White Oxfords
"I got a very similar pair from Tabitha Simmons almost two years ago and I still have to get myself to not wear them every day. They have that rock-n-roll Saint Laurent vibe but are still super elegant. I'm obsessed with them. They're definitely worth the splurge."
Juliana Salazar, social media director, Hirshleifers
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The Leather Pants
"I bought a pair of leather pants a few years ago and they have become a staple piece in my closet. They were an investment piece and have stayed on-trend through many seasons. They also elevate any outfit, making it look more put-together, and are surprisingly so comfortable."
Marianna Hewitt, lifestyle blogger
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The Shirtdress
"This shirtdress is so incredibly easy, effortless, and versatile (and not to mention comfortable), which is essentially why I’ve been wearing it non-stop for the past three weeks, and will probably continue to wear well into the next year. (If you can’t already tell, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to getting dressed!)"
Alyssa Lau, photographer and founder, Shop New Classics
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The Opal Ring
"Things you never get tired of can be pricey, but I wear this every day — it's like a part of my body now. I also think opals are magical."
Samantha Pleet, designer
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The Denim Jumpsuit
"I could never get sick of my jumpsuits. I think I have them in multiple fabrics and shapes by now, and I could wear them every day and still look completely different! There is no easier outfit to put on that looks stylish and ready to go in five minutes. Right now, my new favorite is this denim number, because it's the perfect culotte length and shape, which you can also dress up at night with a nice silky shirt underneath — it's cute, easy, and versatile."
Gaelle Drevet, co-owner, Pixie Market
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The White Sneaker
"[This is] the most comfortable shoe, and we'll never get sick of it. It’s a classic, and always adds a young, sporty edge to a more sophisticated or dressed-up look."
Sama and Haya Khadra, creative directors, DJs, and models
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The Oversized Coat
"This gray oversized coat from Allina Liu is so chic and perfect for fall in New York City."
Kai Avent-deLeon, owner, Sincerely Tommy
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The Hands-Free Wallet
"It's not only freeing to have your hands available, but it's also so empowering not to carry anything unnecessary. This perfectly made leather good from Want Les Essentials is ideal."
Jennifer Steele, editor-in-chief, Girls I Know
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The Boyfriend Jean
"[These are] so comfortable and can easily be dressed up with a pair of pumps or dressed down with flats — effortlessly cool."
Arielle Charnas, blogger, SomethingNavy
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The Over-The-Knee Boot
"Come fall, I find myself living in my Stewart Weitzman Lowland over-the-knee boots. Their timeless sensibility easily elevates any look, day or night.”
- Jenny Bernheim, blogger, Margo & Me
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The Black Skinny Jeans
"I think that every woman needs to have a killer pair of jeans. I have over 20 pairs of them, but they’re purely bonus — I couldn’t live without my pair of black skinny jeans. I love...jeans that look like they’ve lived a little for extra attitude — and Topshop never fails to deliver."
Freddie Harrel, fashion blogger and stylist
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The Neutral Flat
"These shoes are so comfortable and elegant, and you can wear them with anything."
Mari Giudicelli, model, photographer, and shoe designer

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