Even More To Tease You: Pics From Topshop's First Chicago Party

Ever the temptress, Topshop arrived in Chicago this weekend for a Lollapalooza after-party of stylish proportions. There was nothing about this party that wasn't hot. Drinks, entertainment, revelers, it was on at Bar Deville, and we were there. Since fashion giant Topshop/Topman is set to open in Chicago exactly one month from today, we thought we'd share some photos from the super-cool teaser event. Take a gander, then locate your camping gear, and set up shop on Michigan Avenue. You have one month to make room in your closet.
All photos by Darkroom Demons.
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The line outside at Bar Deville in West Town.
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Team Topshop.
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Topshop, meet Chicago.
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DJ Kid Color
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The Style Tribe's Erin, looking stunning as always.
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Local Loopt guru Lisa Frame, and Code of Conduct's Ryan Lange.
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Jeff and Jena, both Chicago style bloggers we love!
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Tinie Tempah performs for a packed house.
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Tinie Tempah's crowd showing love.
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Will we see you September 8?