5 Essential Pieces Every New Space Needs To Feel Like Home

Photo: Courtesy of Chairish.
Whether you're moving into a cool apartment in Brooklyn or an airy loft in Nashville, there are a few basics that every home needs to feel complete. These staple pieces tend to be the ones that you first see when you enter a home — those that radiate personality.

Here, we're sharing five must-haves that will make every house a home and showcase your signature style.

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Photo: Courtesy of Nanette Wong/Chairish.
A Killer Sofa
Walk into any living room, and the first thing you'll probably notice is the sofa. Since it takes up a fair amount of space, you should pick one that represents your living-room style. If you want your sofa to truly be a statement piece, look for one that has great legs, seat lines, or a curvy back.

Choose a fabric that reflects the style of the room: jewel-tone velvet for bohemian or buff-colored linen for minimalist/modern are just a couple of examples. If you’re like most people, you’ll probably be spending a fair amount of time on your sofa, so it should also be something that's cozy enough for weekend Netflix marathons.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Dorio/Chairish.
A Functional, Yet Stand-Out Coffee Table
Your coffee table serves as a supporting role to your sofa — a practical piece to rest cups, saucers, and nibbles. The modern-day coffee table, also known as a cocktail table, has taken on a new role in interior design importance. Look for one that has an interesting base or great legs. Or, go for a table made with unusual materials, such as Lucite or reclaimed wood. While the top needs to serve as a functional resting place, a stylish base is where stand-out style can pack a punch.

If your coffee table itself is a looker, try to avoid burying it under tons of decor. Let it be noticed for its beauty. On the flip side, if your coffee table is practical, functional, and could use a little pizzazz, add some well-placed objets, such as lacquered trays, a brass piece, or something quirky that can serve as a conversation starter.

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Photo: Courtesy of Nanette Wong/Chairish.
A Hanging Lamp
Whether it’s a dramatic chandelier or a subtle pendant, a great light can definitely step up your home's style game. Choose a lamp that you know will provide the type of light that you want.

Do you want to light up the whole room with a chandelier, or illuminate a special area over a kitchen island or dining table? Unless the lamp is purely decorative, this is one item that needs to be both highly functional and beautiful. Go for a simple, organic Tom Dixon lamp or a vintage chandelier.
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Photo: Courtesy of Rus Anson/Chairish.
Brass Decor
Brass is back, with a vengeance. Not only does brass add a golden glow to a room, it also complements pretty much any look you're going for.

Bold, heavy brass jacks or a cute, whimsical animal figurine will add a refined touch anywhere. We love seeing pieces that spice up a shelf or coffee table.
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Photo: Courtesy of Rus Anson/Chairish.
Accent Chairs
The world of accent chairs is vast and exciting. From wingback chairs to club chairs to hanging chairs, the options are practically endless — and so much fun.

To make a dramatic statement, go with a wicker hanging chair and a fuzzy throw. If you're looking for more of an elegant, luxurious look, go for a velvety club chair in a striking color. Need more of a cabin/lodge feel to go with rich leather and loads of books? Check out a tall wingback chair in a distressed finish.

Whichever vibe you choose, having these five essential pieces will definitely make your space feel like your own.

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