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How To Shop Like A Supermodel

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    Photographed by Aliya Naumoff.



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    The new Madewell spring catalog is dropping tomorrow, and that typically means one of two things. Either we're going to be placing a hefty order for perfectly worn-in denim, basic tees we'll live in, and pieces that mix and match with ease. Or, well, maybe we lost all Internet connectivity. Of course, we do know how to maintain our self-control and use a discerning eye, too, even in the face of shiny, new warm-weather clothing. And, the trick may be to shop like a supermodel — namely, Erin Wasson, Madewell's leading lady for spring '14.

    In the new catalog photos — all captured in Europe's small, Southern country of Malta — Wasson is working the laid-back vibes and smoldering looks she's known for in plenty of faded denim, leather accents, and small gold jewelry that's just as killer as her collection of tattoos. But, as we found out during a shopping excursion with the model last week, the real Erin Wasson — the one who lives in T-shirts, hates picking out swimsuits, and likes to take her non-fashion friends out for a retail spin — is just as rad.

    We joined Wasson at Madewell as she flipped through racks of clothing to track down a party outfit. The result? Well, it's pretty much what you'd expect from the model who lives by her effortless, edgy style — black on black, slightly baggy jeans with an oversized tee, and some pointy pumps to amp up the party vibes. But, her shopping know-how doesn't exactly stop there. To help us understand, the ombré-haired babe spilled on all of her retail savvy, including the very special item she bought with her first, big modeling paycheck. (Hint: It's definitely not clothes.)

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