Meet 9 Young Entrepreneurs Who Risked Everything — & Won

We get it. You want to do your own thing. Start a business. Be your own boss. But, while it’s easy to complain about your current secure-but-not-so-satisfying position and ramble fantastically about an ingenious invention or innovative business idea you have, one daunting question always remains: Where would you actually start?

In our latest installment of Beauty Nation's The New Provocateurs, we teamed up with Revlon to track down nine brilliant young entrepreneurs who once arrived at that same crossroads and asked them how they found the courage to make the leap. Below, they talk openly and honestly about going into debt, getting fired, and becoming power players in brand-new fields. Their stories are equal parts empowering and unnerving — but that seems to be the guiding principle when it comes to successful entrepreneurship.

And, these sharp, fearless women have made it work. They share how they keep it all together, from defining a work-life balance to perfecting their executive-level beauty moves. So, grab a memo pad and put on your thinking cap. It’s time to draft that business plan.

Want More? Go Behind The Scenes With The Bosses

When you think “fearless leader,” your brain may not instantly land on candy-colored lips and sapphire-winged cat-eyes, but that’s all about to change. Watch above as we go behind the scenes on our Beauty Nation shoot with nine women who not only redefined their careers — and their respective industries — by starting their own businesses, but look damn good doing it.
In the worlds of tech, engineering, and even sex, these boss babes are laying down the new law and making heads turn with their business plans and their reinvented versions of “office-appropriate” makeup looks, using Revlon. Here’s your chance to see the CEOs in action.