Sorry, Hollywood: These Ladies Are Doing It Their Way

It’s true. When we hear the word “entertainment,” our brains conjure up images of A-listers and pop stars. But, beyond the household names of Hollywood are many less familiar stars who are every bit as worthy of our attention and fascination. In fact, the ones we’re most enamored with are the completely unorthodox performers — the women who are challenging audiences to experience their art from a fresh, inspired perspective.

In this installment of Beauty Nation’s The New Provocateurs, we teamed up with Revlon to present the new class of entertainers you need to know now. From a sultry fire spinner to a hip-hop ballerina and an activist docu-director, these bold ladies know how to put on quite the show, all while forging their own paths in the industry and looking glam as hell. Scroll on down and memorize these faces. (And, cop their makeup looks while you’re at it.)

Watch These Rising Entertainers Beautify Their Bold Personalities

From bold blue eyebrows, to an all-pastel purple palette, to highly pigmented bubblegum-pink lips, leave it to Revlon to help achieve these coveted looks in a pinch. Click play to get the insiders’ scoop on how to boldly wear 'em with confidence. We’re betting these ladies will inspire you to experiment with these colors for yourself.