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Endswell Gives Digital-Cool Jewels A Rad Name

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    As much as we love piling on handcrafted, glittering jewels, we get equally wide-eyed for charms that have a techie spin to 'em, too. So, when we got wind of this new trinket line that just so happens to be modernizing the bijou-making game, we went straight to swoon town. Endswell, the brainchild between Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming (of Yield Design Co.) is a fresh brand that cleaves to traditional practices of wearable craftsmanship, while throwing in a few forward-thinking, digital curveballs. (Hey, when in the Bay...!)

    Take the geometric rings in Endswell's debut collection — gorgeous layering pieces that are first modeled using 3-D prints, and later finished by hand. "Today's generation is about embodying and embracing technologies in a way that does not reject tradition and physical objects, but appreciates the beauty and strength of both new and old ways of thought," says Gant.

    The pieces — rendered from 10k to 18k in rose, yellow, and white gold — will cost you anywhere from $275 to $985. Trust us, they're worth their weight in, well, gold, because these babies are appropriate for any occasion. Hey, you know what they say: All's well that endswell. Get a peek after the jump.

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