My Weekend DIY: Pom-Pom-Perfect Heels!

Nothing says "I don't take myself too seriously" quite like a colorful, fluffy ball dangling from your accessories. Right now, pom-poms are popping up on everything, from cute clutches to couch pillows. The best part about them? They're super-simple to DIY.
To get in on the trend, I picked up some suede, green stilettos and glued a pumpkin-yellow trim to the back of the heel. To finish 'em off, I snuck some pink beads in between the pom-poms to hide the ribbon and then let it dry for 24 hours.
The result? Instant funky, street-style-worthy kicks! Click through for the easy how-to.
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Photo by Rockie Nolan.
What You'll Need:

Heels: Forever21
Glue: Beacon Magna-Tac
Pom-pom trim: M&J Trimming
Beads: Swarovski
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Photo by Rockie Nolan.
Just start bunching that ribbon onto the back of the heel. No method to the madness!
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Photo by Rockie Nolan.
In our office, there were mixed feelings about the final results. Some said "to-die-for!" Others, "totally creepy." Either way, they're sure to get people talking!