LES Love & Street-Style Tips From City Brewed Blogger, Ellie Eckert

Walk around the Lower East Side long enough, and you're bound to run in to a beautiful, bold, young, brunette woman with pitch-perfect street style and a camera in her hand. Smile — it's Ellie Eckert of one of our favorite local blogs, City Brewed. A Florida transplant with a tough-yet-feminine style, Ellie is not only a full-time journalism student aiming for a future in editorial, she's a full-time street-style wonder with an intimate understanding of the best local spots. Lucky for you, she slipped on her Clarks and showed us her favorite spots like Kater and Rachel before her. So, step out with us for a quick tour of Ellie's LES, a few street-style pointers from this acknowledged expert, and a big sugar rush followed by a taste of Nirvana. (You'll see what we mean.)
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Photographed by Aaron Richter, Styled by Claudia Cifu, Hair by Sera Sloane Bishop, Makeup by Tiffany Patton.
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First Stop:
Economy Candy, 108 Rivington Street (between Ludlow and Essex streets); 212-254-1531

Suno leather top, Current/Elliot pants, Clarks shoes, Auden necklace.

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Sweet Tooth:
"When I was young and living in Florida, my favorite family outings were the evenings we’d jump in the car and make the hour-long drive to my favorite candy store. Ten years later, not much has changed (except maybe the commute!). I love making a trip to Economy Candy for my favorite candies, or just to explore this wonderland on the Lower East Side! This is definitely a must-visit store when entertaining your visiting besties!"

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Street-Style Advice:
"Try not to look like you’ve been planning a certain outfit for weeks. If you can walk out of your apartment looking cute, confident, and stylish, that’s good street style."

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Sensible Shoes:
"When I’m spending my day jumping from place to place, I forgo my sky-high heels and opt for something a little more doable. Personally, I love a slightly heeled bootie (even in summer), because they’re easy to walk in, but are dressy enough for any meetings I may have to attend!"

Clarks Loyal Heart Booties, $120, available at Clarks.

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Go Bag:
"I’m all about wearing a large tote for a long day out, because, well, I don’t pack light. In my bag, you can find a small notebook (you never know when inspiration will hit!), a small bag of beauty essentials (lip color and a roll of perfume for touch ups), and my camera for on-the-go blog posts."

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Street-Style Staples:
"For a long time, I relied on good old-fashioned penny loafers to get me around, especially after they're broken in and all cushy. I have a hard time with heels because I have difficult feet, so flats with some support are always good. Last fall, I broke down and snapped up about five pairs of oxfords, and those really got me through without blisters or aches while still being a little bit polished."

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Second Stop:
M'finda Kalunga Garden, 30 Delancey Street (between Chrystie and Forsyth Streets)

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Secret Garden:
"The M'Finda Kalunga Garden was one of the first places I visited after moving to New York. I was just about to start my freshman year in college, and I needed somewhere to escape the city noises and enjoy a good book. My friends and I usually head to M’Finda when we’re in need of some nature or just want to enjoy each others' company."

VEDA vest, Melrose Studio sweater, H&M shorts, Falke socks, Clarks boots, Auden earrings and necklace.

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Well Heeled:
"For me, the perfect city walking shoe is something comfortable with a small heel. What can I say, I wear a slight heel or I wear nothing. "

Clarks Loyal Pearl Boots, $220, available at Clarks.

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Street Wise:
"My favorite part of NYC is all the inspiration I gain just walking down the street. It’s so amazing to see how styles change from one neighborhood to the next. From the put-together looks on the Upper East Side to the slightly 'grunge' scene on the Lower East — I can’t get enough!"

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Favorite Traveling Tunes:
"Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is always on my playlist for long walks. It puts me in such a great mood — perfect for inspiration spotting."

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Homeward Bound:
"I’ve become accustomed to long days out. When I come home, I make sure to have a good book (or current magazine) so I can unwind after a long day. A glass of wine, a book, and on really long days, a bath is my recipe to the perfect evening."

Photographed by Aaron Richter