Going To Electric Zoo? 16 Picks On What To Pack

Summer may be winding down, but festival season ain’t over ’til it’s over, and it’s definitely not over yet. Next up on the fest agenda? The beat-heavy, heart-pounding, strobe-lights-packed fest known as Electric Zoo.
With EZNY's super-versatile lineup (house, techno, dubstep, trance — and that’s just scratching the audio surface), you're going to need a super-versatile wardrobe to match. And, since no one spins festival style like H&M, we've hand-selected 16 fest essentials that'll have all your sartorial bases covered without giving you a heat stroke.
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Did somebody say '80s remix? Here's how to do the fade right.
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Be a damsel in distress(ed) denim.
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If you hit up a festival without a bold pair of shades, did you really even go?
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An effortless white crop top says you woke up like this.
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Repeat after us: A bikini top is an absolutely acceptable shirt alternative.
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Amp up any outfit with some geometric bling.
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Guard against late-night (or early-morning) summer chills with this tropical variation on the classic sweatshirt.
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Channel the beast within in a groove-worthy pair of leopard-printed short-shorts.
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A peekaboo cutout gives this all-American staple a high-style twist.
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Super-simple platform sneaks boost any look — and help you get a leg couple inches up on that tall dude in front of you.
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If you're going to be dancing (and you are going to be dancing), you need pants that'll move with you.
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Crank up the volume by donning this electric showstopper.
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Fight against festival enemy number one: hair in the face.
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This hot-pink skater mini gets the party started.
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Forget the fuss — this adorable number takes one-step style to the next level.
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This breezy tank will have you lookin' hot while stayin' cool.