eDrop-Off: Buy, Sell, Love.

eDrop-Off is your new best friend. Ours, too. The company is Chicago's latest go-to resource for buying and selling luxury fashion, shoes, and accessories on Ebay. If you've ever tried to Ebay on your own, you know it ain't easy. Online auctions are time-consuming with so many rules and minutiae you might as well just keep the stuff you wanted to sell. Or you could let eDrop-Off take care of everything. Want to know how it works?
Step 1: Bring your unwanted, high-end brands to eDrop-Off. No time for the trip? It's cool, they'll come to you.
Step 2: eDrop-Off photographs, prices, and lists your items for auction on Ebay.
Step 3: The bids roll in.
Step 4: You rake in the cash.
Every step of the process is totally professional and trustworthy, and you can relax knowing you'll get top-dollar for your stuff. Not interested in selling? Check out eDrop-Off's hot auctions (new items posted every day), and browse through a seemingly endless supply of luxury brands. Want to know what we're talking about? Chanel, YSL, Milly, and Hermès are just the beginning. See? We knew you'd love it.