Here's What We'd Buy If We Were A Facebook Billionaire

Unless you were living under a rock this week, you most likely heard about Facebook filing the paperwork for a historic $5 billion IPO that'll make a few folks billionaires (in Mark Zuckerberg's case, a $17.5 billionaire), and at least a thousand other employees multi-millionaires.
With all of these dollar signs floating around, we can only dream of what we would do if we were raking it in like those lucky people down in Mountain View.
And that brings us to our Top 10 list of things we know we'd shell out for immediately. Of course, we're not talking about a mere PS1 bag, here. We're thinking BIG...McQueen archives big. Personal serenades from Beyoncé big. PacHeights mansions big. So click through and fantasize with us, if you dare, and let us know your wants in the comments.
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The Alexander McQueen Archives, price upon request.

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A Personal Concert And Dance Lessons From Beyoncé, approximately $3 million, available through Beyoncé.

Photo: Via Facebook/Beyonce
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The Proenza Schouler Archives, price upon request.

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The 225-Acre Katafanga Island in the Caribbean, $25 million, available at Caribbean Island Brokers.
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The Jil Sander Archives, price upon request.

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Weekly Personal Training Sessions With Tracy Anderson, a couple mill, available at Tracy Anderson Method.

Photo: Via Tracy Anderson Method
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Pac Heights Mansion With Private Rooftop Tennis Courts, $38 million, available on Trulia.

Photo: Via Trulia
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This Fall 2011 Peter Som Frock, maybe $4,000, available at Peter Som.

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The Stella McCartney Archives and Stella McCartney For Chloé Archives, price upon request.

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Lots Of Emeralds, up to about $300,000 worth.

Photo: Via Business Today

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