My City, My Style: 2 Chic Editors Show Us Their Upper East Side

UPDATE: This story was originally published on April 24.
It's no secret that your trusty R29 editors are all about powerful, groundbreaking women — nothing gets us going like seeing our own kind totally owning their careers. And, when it comes to the fashion biz, Editorialist's Kate Davidson Hudson and Stefania Allen are the cream of the crop.
After many successful years as Elle magazine's accessories director and senior accessories editor, respectively, Hudson and Allen broke out, launching the brand new online magazine-meets-curation-meets-e-commerce machine. Kate and Stefania combine their encyclopedic knowledge of accessories to generate some of the best eye candy on the World Wide Web, all while showing off award-winning business savvy.
To figure out just what makes these two style-stars tick, we met up with them near their Upper East Side digs to tour their favorite haunts — and dig through their closets. What resulted was one of the chicest NYC walkabouts ever, along with some serious shoe and bag envy. Tag along as they show us the best shopping and eating that Madison Avenue has to offer, and share tips on how to follow your dreams — stylishly, of course.
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What made you decide to make the switch from magazine editors to entrepreneurs, and start your own website?
"We saw a hole in the market with respect to luxury accessories and finding a way to access all of those amazing pieces we saw in magazine editorials and on the runways. Traditional retailers never seemed to pick them up, so we felt there was a huge disconnect between those truly covetable pieces that the fashion media touts, and what traditional retail was offering.

We also realized that the way we started to consume our fashion media and how we shopped took place online. For us, it made sense to combine the two into this new model, which is the true convergence of content and commerce. From there, Editorialist was born, a one-stop-shop for what you need to know and want to have from the editors who know it first."

Kate wears a Stella McCartney skirt, Timo Weiland jacket, Jimmy Choo shoes, Phillips House bracelets, and a Valentino bag. Stefania wears a Chanel Jacket, J Brand jeans, Aquazzura shoes, a Kimberly McDonald necklace, and Jennifer Fisher bracelet.
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What is the hardest part about running the entire publication, and business, yourselves?
"We knew starting our own business would be a challenge going into it. The biggest struggle for us is trying to juggle it all. We have to wear several very different hats, from CEO to CFO to Creative Director. There are never enough hours in a day, but we have an incredible team at Editorialist who inspire and collaborate with us daily. And, we are so inspired by our readers' excitement over the products and the content. They become a hugely motivating factor."
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A look at the tantalizing selection at Kate and Stefania's favorite sweet shop, Ladurée.
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How long have you been loving Ladurée? What are your go-to orders?
"We've been obsessed with Ladurée since we visited the original one in Paris many years ago. Our favorite is the assorted box with all of the most popular flavors. Holidays are always a dangerous time because there's little Laudurée boxes everywhere!"
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What is your favorite part of your job — curating the pieces for sale, or putting together the beautiful editorials?
"Stef is very savvy with regard to the retail end of things, and Kate focuses a lot of her energy on the editorial end of the site. We both have a hand in every aspect of the day-to-day operations, and it's this sense of shared and different interests that keeps Editorialist robust on both fronts. It also aids in making sure we're delivering a rich experience, from both the retail and editorial ends."
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Stefania wears an Altuzarra jacket, Christian Louboutin shoes, and a Hermés bag. Kate wears an Esteban Cortazar jumpsuit, Christian Louboutin shoes, and an Alexis Bittar bracelet.
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Editorialist is home to some of the most to-die-for shoes, bags, and jewelry — how do you decide which designers to work with, and what pieces to sell?
"Stef and I come from years of editorial experience so we're very well-versed in the market and know a special piece when we see it. We're always looking for a perfect balance of the timeless staple investment pieces and the more directional pieces, because we believe the best curated wardrobe has a healthy balance of both."
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What is your absolute favorite item in your closet?
Stef: "My favorite piece is my grandmother's Ilias Lalaounis ring that I inherited when she passed away. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of the chicest woman I knew.
Kate: "A yellow gold Cartier ring my husband bought me for my first Mother's Day. It symbolizes my most important job in the world, and my favorite mini-fashionista."
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A second look at Stefania's Christian Louboutin beauties, as she turns the Met steps into a catwalk.
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You have access to some of the best designer labels around, but are there any "low-fashion" brands you love?
"We really stand behind the idea of the high-low mix. Someone with a larger budget can buy a full, head-to-toe designer look, but for us, that is never as chic as someone who can style themselves in a new and personalized way. You know the woman when you see her; it's a projection of a sense of personal style that is largely articulated through accessories.

And for Stef and I, the idea of 'luxury' when it comes to accessories is not relegated to a price point. It's about those special, and sometimes exclusive, pieces that make the right statement. A lot of the new talent out of New York and London are exciting for us right now, and the price points are largely accessible. For instance, Aquazurra shoes, Lele Sadoughi jewelry, Deszo by Sara Beltran jewelry, and Tabitha Simmons shoes are putting out incredible pieces at truly shoppable prices."
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Now that you're out of the corporate jungle and running the show yourselves, how has your work wardrobe changed?
"We are constantly in and out of important meetings, so not much has changed in the way of our wardrobe. Every now and again we'll have a casual day, but you'll rarely see a flat in this office."
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Stefania wears an A.L.C. dress, Givenchy jacket, Valentino bag, and Alaïa shoes. Kate wears a Givenchy dress and boots, Derek Lam jacket, and Jennifer Fisher bracelets.
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Kate and Stefania head to Charlotte Olympia to stock up on dramatic, perfectly feminine stilettos.
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We know you love your high heels — is there any time you'll succumb to flats?
"An Isabel Marant wedge sneaker is about as low as we'll go, unless we're on our way to the gym."
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When you're not browsing for shoes at Charlotte Olympia, what other boutiques or stores do you frequent?
"We're particularly loving Jeffrey New York and Kirna Zabete. The girls from Kirna have edit backgrounds, similar to us, so we can appreciate their eye."
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What is your favorite thing about living on the Upper East Side? What are your thoughts on the perennial uptown vs downtown debate?
"The Upper East Side is quiet when you want it to be and a cab-ride away when you don't...there is so much culture and history that makes the area feel so rich. We are really equally inspired by the refined polish and culture of uptown and the gritty edginess of downtown…so there is no grand debate in our world. If you live in New York, you win either way...we find it to be a wealth of inspiration."
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When it comes to relaxation, Kate and Stefania love taking refuge in nearby Central Park.
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Stefania wears a 3.1 Phillip Lim T-Shirt, Acne jacket, and Alexis Bittar bracelets.
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What are some of your favorite bars and restaurants in the Upper East Side, or the city in general?
"BG and Fred's are our go-to for lunch meetings; and Bel Ami, Viand or Via Quadronno are our drive-by spots for days when we're on-the-run."
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Kate wears a Balenciaga sweater and jacket, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, and Jimmy Choo shoes.