Editors' Picks! What WE Want This Summer

We like things. Pretty things. Weird things. Things that make us laugh. Things that make us feel like we're ten again. We like things that do exactly what they promise they will as well as ones that don't serve any real purpose beyond making us happy.
Call us materialistic if you must…but with all these lovely, awesome, desirable things available for purchase right now, how could anyone with a soul be anything but? To prove our point, just in time for summer, our editors are sharing the products they're obsessing—from a '90s makeup throwback to to best way to take your coffee in the morning.
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Christene Barberich, editor-in-chief

Illesteva Sunglasses In Pink — "Every day I wear these would be a sunny day."
$260, available at Net-a-Porter.

Hope House Dress — "In summer, my outfits have to be as simple as possible, and I'm obsessed with this dress's chic but still utilitarian vibe."
$322, available at La Garconne.
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Zara Sleeveless Blouse — "I can't have enough simple little blouses like this. In the softest dusty pink, this one is summertime indispensable."
$79.90, available at Zara.

Jimmy Choo Studded Loafers — "I'm not really into studs, but these lean way more toward elegant than punk."
$650, available at Net-a-Porter.
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Topshop Colored Mascara — "A swipe of blue mascara is the perfect complement to a little sun on your cheeks."
$16, available at Topshop.

Journelle Satin Bra — "I love the idea of wearing this bra underneath a wispy sheer shirt and high-waisted trousers. Sweet and a little retro, too."
$110, available at Journelle.

Amalia Striped pillow — "This graphic pillow has an old beach-house feel, which I love."
$59, available at Anthropologie.
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Connie Wang, global editor

Luna & Curious Basilica Mugs — "This artful mug makes even the grodiest of bodega coffee feel special."
$34.04, available at Culture Label.

Rad Nails Dollar Slice Stickers — "A slice per finger totals up to two pies' worth of pizza. What's the word? Oh yeah — rad."
$20, available at Rad Nails.
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H&M Fruit Clips — "I might not be the target market for these fruit clips, but they are too cute to pass up. I'd wear one to keep my hair back, or all six at once for an entire fruit salad."
$4.99, available in the kid's section at H&M

Barlean's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil — "I recently made the switch from body lotion to body oils, and am hooked for life. Organic, cold-pressed coconut oil is supposed to be magical for dry skin and dry hair, plus a $15 jar lasts for an eternity."
$15.95, available at Swanson
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Clover Canyon Green Bra Top — "I'm planning on wearing this crop top with every single one of my high-waisted shorts, overalls, and skirts."
$193.40, available at Oxygen Boutique.

Maria Francesca Pepe Cuff — "For the girl who can't yet afford a Cartier Love bracelet (ahem, me), this cuff is a lovely alternative, and doesn't require the Love bracelet's level of commitment."
$53.72, available at Maria Francesca Pepe.

Surface to Air Saga Sandal — "There is something so wrong about an all-white, velcro sandal... but I've always been contrarian when it comes to my footwear. Gimme these!"
$293.50, available at Surface to Air.
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Kristian Laliberte, senior editor

Nudie Jeans — It's impossible for me to find jeans that fit, but I tried on a pair of Nudies a couple of months ago and it was really life-changing. Deep. Thunderbolts. Hyperbole aside, I have this pair in a lighter color, and I'm hyped about the darker option, with a bit of fading, but not like fist-pumping whiskers. I already know which Chambray shirt I'd wear with them...
$275, available at Nudie Jeans.

Christian Louboutin James Men's Flat — "I saw these on the red carpet on, of all people, Gerard Butler, and I was hooked— the subtle metal toe and heel make these shiny, shiny slip-ons so much more than your average tux shoe. I'd pair them with bright socks in the summer for formal events, or live a little and go sockless. Yeah, I said it."
$1,495, available at Christian Louboutin.
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Seize Sur Vingt Blue Jacket — "Bright blue looks good with a tan (which, believe me, I'm working on), and this particular shade is stand-out without being too technicolor. I've become a big Seize Sur Vingt junkie — a 46 blazer fits me like it was tailored, and the dudes at the Soho store, JP and Richie, have the best taste and will tell you if something doesn't look right."
$720, available at Seize sur Vingt.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Splash — "Another summer, another Tom Ford fragrance. I'm officially addicted, and I'm switching out my Tuscan Leather for TF's GIANT new Neroli Portofino body splash. (We're talking like big-Volvic-bottle big.) A bit lighter than the original Neroli, the glam scent smells like the Italian Riviera vacation I wish I was on right now."
$125, available at Neiman Marcus.
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Levi's Made & Crafted T-Shirt — "I can't live without stripes. It's kind of crazy how I always gravitate to them in every single shop, but, whatever, I've accepted it. So, I'm feeling this simple blue T-shirt that has a stripey, subtle surprise on the pocket. Great under a denim shirt, no? #summerlayers"
$42.50, available at Mr Porter.

Lacoste L!VE Button-Down — "Button-downs are my everything (can someone give me the new word for that?), and, while I'm usually all about a plain white version, in this case, I'm feeling the lightning bolts — a little conversation piece under a preppy linen jacket."
$56.99, available at Lacoste.

Range Rover Evoque Car — "Okay, okay, so this is dream ticket territory, but wouldn't it be nice not to be crammed on the LIRR, sitting on the floor, clutching your suitcase (yes, that's happened to me more than once). I don't want to turn into one of those people who likes you more because you have a car, so I'd love to have a good-looking vehicle for weekend getaways. This new, slick Land Rover is perfect for the city (the most fuel efficient RR ever made), and I'm into the smooth lines…but it still has the nostalgia of Mom's old beat-up model. Who wants to chip in?"
$45,220, available at Land Rover Manhattan.
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Megan McIntyre, beauty editor

Supergoop! SPF 30+ Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum — "Funny name, awesome product. I wear sunscreen like it's my job — as a fair-skinned Irish lass, it's practically a pre-requisite. I like this moisturizing UV-blocker because it has the lightweight feel of a serum, so it sinks in instantly. No more worrying about your makeup sliding off midday, or breaking out from excessive greasiness."
$42, available at Sephora

DV By Dolce Vita Archer Sandal in Black — "I love how luxe these sandals look. The gold accents against the black leather look equally chic with a pair of cut-offs or a pretty maxi dress."
$69, available at Dolce Vita.
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Madewell Colordot Maxidress — "Speaking of maxi dresses, this patterned stunner looks like the type I would live in all summer long. I like that the top is defined, but the bottom is loose and flowy — something I know other pear-shaped girls out there will appreciate."
$188, available at Madewell.

By Terry Aqualip Jelly Tint — "I don't know if it's because I'm having nostalgia for my youth or if my sweet tooth is just kicking in, but I am absolutely obsessed with popsicle-stained lips right now. This translucent lip jelly is a lightweight way to get that tinted look, and it literally stays on all day. Plus, it looks like Jell-O in a tube, which, without fail, gets me tons of comments when I pull it out for a touch-up."
$35, available at beautyBar.

Själ Serum1 Liquid Vitamin Lift — "This après-beach serum is my skin-care savior after I've spent a little too much time in the sun. It's infused with vitamins and peptides to provide a natural lifting effect as it nourishes, infusing the skin with oxygen and reducing puffiness and inflammation. It's a welcome respite from sun-parched skin thanks to a bevy of exotic ingredients — fig, pomegranate, violet, iris, grapeseed extract, carrot-seed oil, mangosteen, soybean, Brazilian algae, minerals, vitamins, and even precious gemstones."
$255, available at Barneys
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Ban.do Zesty Curved Bobbies — "I'm kind of obsessed with these bobby pins right now. I like parting my hair on the side and layering the glittery and solid slides into a pretty pattern. Or mixing them up in a bun for a sparkly surprise when the light catches my 'do just right."
$15 for set of 6, available at Anthropologie.

J. Crew Polka Dot Twist-Front Bandeau and Bikini — "I'm getting married this August and my dress has a very deep sweetheart neckline, so halter-top tan lines are not an option. I hate the hassle of self-tanner, so instead, I'm stocking up on bandeau-top bikinis. This polka-dot one from J.Crew has a bit of a retro feel to it, and I love how the twist front gives it just a hint of sex appeal."
$48 and $45, available at J.Crew.
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Neha Gandhi, deputy editor

Matt Bernson Cheyne Shoe — I've obviously put a few seriously bright pieces on my shopping list, so I need neutral heels to balance the neons. These are entirely perfect for pretty much everything I might want to do this summer.
$187, available at Matt Bernson.

ALC Dress — "I saw a girl on the street wearing this color this morning and couldn't take my eyes off her. I'm dying to try out the super-bright shade for myself with this easy, statement-making dress."
$297.50, available at The Outnet.
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The Sense of An Ending — "This summer, I promised myself I would try and make my way through all of the Booker Prize winners I haven't yet read. I'm starting with this past year's winner, The Sense of An Ending. I thought Barnes was robbed the year he didn't win the prize for Arthur & George, so I'm delighted he's having his moment now."
$14.50, available at Amazon.

Tom Dixon Lamp — "I've been living in my current apartment for about seven months, now. I'm mostly thrilled with the way it's come together—except when it comes to lighting solutions. I need something with shape and weight to hold its own in my space, and this felt tripod floor lamp is just perfect."  
$515, available at ABCHome.

Clean Milled Soap Fragrance — "I'm obsessed with this scent. It's light and fresh and smells like the most wonderful version of soap, ever."
$69, available at HSN.
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Sandro Top — "This floaty, breezy top feels like exactly what I want to live in all summer long."
$235, available at Net-a-Porter.  

Mulberry Hetty Hobo Bag — "I love this. I've had a thing for really light leather bags for ages, but fear of completely damaging it within days of making the splurge has always held me back. That said, I'm finally ready to take the plunge — I'm capable of taking care of a nice bag by now…."
$1,300, available at Mulberry.
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Katie Hintz-Zambrano, senior editor

LemLem Scarf — "I've been a huge LemLem fan from day one. And it's so great to see that J.Crew has taken notice of the brand, too, and is selling it in its stores. The vibrant neon hues in this number are great for summer...and beyond."
$125, available at J.Crew.

Keds Skipper Denim Flats — "My summer uniform is pretty much a muumuu dress and flats. Luckily, Keds has a great new collection of comfy, jazzed-up classics (one even has a pointy toe, reminiscent of the '60s) that keep things interesting below the ankle."
$55, available at Keds.
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Tibi Color Block Dress — "If my closet consisted of pieces only by Tibi, I think I'd be one happy camper. This colorblock dress is absolute perfection. I love maxi dresses (they're essential in oft-chilly S.F). And the bold colors and open-back silhouette make this such a stunner. I can see myself wearing it to every summer wedding on my calendar."
$675, available at Tibi.

InCase Box Neon iPhone Case — "Anything neon is good in my book. And I especially like sort of washed-out neons that remind me of my early '90s youth. This new box case from S.F.-based InCase has a cool color, shape, and texture. All in all, it's a total compliment hound."
$29.95, available at InCase.
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Chance SS T-Shirt — "I'm really interested in what Julia Leach is doing over at Chance. The label is hinged on the idea of the perfect striped shirt, plus other classics. Leach used to be the EVP/Creative Director of Kate Spade, so she really knows what she's doing."
$68, available at Chance.

Steven Alan Beach Blanket — "I'm a sucker for a luxe beach blanket, and these babies by Steven Alan are beautiful. They are perfect for summer days spent lazing away in Dolores Park, Ocean Beach, or wine country."
$48, available at Steven Alan.

Benefit One Hot Minute Face Powder — "I recently got a great manual spray tan at Benefit in San Francisco and I'm pretty much hooked. The color looked really natural and sun-kissed and it's just so much healthier than laying out for hours on end. This powder that they bronzed me up with afterward is spray-tan friendly and gives a great glow."
$30, available at Benefit.