Shuttlecocks Fly At The Smile's Shindig For Eddie Bauer

Outerwear that's both chic and fully functional is hard to come by, especially when we're talking about the clothing we need for our hiking or mountaineering trysts (at least in our city-bound dreams). Last night Eddie Bauer along with The Smile launched Bauer's fall '11 collection that was full of warm, quilted jackets and great layering pieces that would look right at home in the urban jungle as well as, well, a real jungle. Inspired by the late Eddie Bauer's life in Washington state's Olympic Peninsula, the palette was heavy on neutrals but pops of bright reds, orange, green and yellow featured in both mens and womenswear kept the clothing fresh and on-trend. The party also featured a short film directed by Phil Pinto, Slanted & Enchanted (trailer below), that tells the story of three sets of travelers while beautifully showcasing the collection. Enough said, click ahead to see some party shots!
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It-Girl Hannah Bronfman and boyfriend, rapper Asher Roth, looking for a little badminton competition.
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Blonde beauties Meggie Weinheimer and Zuzanna Buchwald.
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R29 bestie Timo Weiland is the lady in red with the incomparable poser (the good kind) Victoria Alexandra.
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Nick Zinner of the Yea Yea Yeahs and Nate Lowman provided the tunes for the evening.
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Smile owners Carlos Quirarte and Matt Kliegman show us how to pose.
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Rachelyn Remz-Porter and Chiara Clemente make a super-adorable duo.
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We can't decide whether Greg K of the MisShapes or Sky Ferreira is more beautiful.
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Hannah Bronfman's crisp, lacy dress and red satin shoes were impeccable.
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Designer Lindsey Thornburg rocking one of her signature cloaks with a fabulous red bag.
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Bruce Erhmann shares a lol with Carlos Quirarte.
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Bright orange, the year's hottest color, strikes again!
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This rich, caramel brown is perfection.
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We're always a fan of lots of layers, and we're e specially loving the pops of red.
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The calm atmosphere and minimal decor highlighted the collection perfectly.
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Walls of Shuttlecocks and badminton rackets were hung from the ceiling- super simple but super chic.
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Bright green, yellow and red pop against the neutral palette.
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Plaid accents were also prevalent in the clothing.
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Lots of layers—love!
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Muted browns and olive tones keep the collection feeling earthy, and pizza is welcome at any and all parties.
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That's one way to hang your clothes to dry.