13 Pretty Products To Keep You Glowing On Your Wedding Day

Wedding day is a long day. That's true no matter who you are: the bride, the groom, a member of the supporting cast, or even a guest. But, as one half of the marrying duo, it's likely important for you to stay luminous and comfortable throughout the festivities. That's a tall order, sure, but not impossible — especially when you've got the completely cruelty-free, vegan, and nontoxic products ahead.
These items freshen, calm, and basically save the day, and you'll want to pack every one of them in your kit for easy fixes as the big event unfolds. Or, be the best M.O.H. ever and surprise your bestie with a beautiful cosmetics' pouch (might we suggest this one?) full of these natural, good-for-you products. Click through to see picks for superhero products that will keep you glowing even after the cake's been cut.
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Do away with stress, calm nerves, and freshen your pulse points with one of the most effective aromatherapy treatments I’ve ever found. Rose, rosewood, bergamot, and balsam oils create a moisturizing and grounding scent without being cloyingly sweet or strong. Deeply inhale for 10 breaths and you’ll be ready to take your first steps down the aisle with confidence.
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This multipurpose, heavenly smelling wonder will banish sweat, odor, and greasy roots on the spot. The non-staining kaolin helps clothes slip on (and off) with ease and degreases hair for styling, while fine cocoa butter hydrates and keeps skin comfortable. Plus, aromatic vetiver and oh-so-romantic jasmine keep sweaty pits and feet cool and smelling amazing. Sprinkle some in your shoes to prevent blistering and chafing.
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Whether you need a hint of radiant color, expert contouring, or neutral eyeshadow in a pinch, this universally flattering miracle face color will perk up even the dullest complexion (you know, if you had too many margaritas at your bachelorette party). It provides an illuminating, angelic finish and can even lend a healthy glow to arms, legs, and décolletage.
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Much like a rock-solid marriage, this mascara will stick with you through the laughter and the tears. Its easy-to-apply, vitamin-enriched formula will have you facing your big day feeling wide-eyed and ready.
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So, you got the perfect look — now, make it last all day and night with this light-as-air mist enriched with aloe, green tea, cucumber, and a host of vitamins to keep you fresh-faced and comfortable.
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You’re probably going to be doing a lot of smooching on your big day. This indelible lip marker is my everyday favorite for creating precise, long-lasting lip looks that stay put well into cocktails and dancing — you’ll never want to use lip liner again. While I’m a personal fangirl of Flamenco (a classic, bombshell red), the wedding-appropriate Jitterbug, Waltz, and Tango shades are perfect for creating blushing-bride lips and cheeks.
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You’ll likely have your nails done well in advance, but this vegan polish in an oh-so-pretty neutral dries in a flash (less than five minutes), endures and shines like a gel manicure, and is fortified with calcium and vitamin B6 to keep nails healthy. It's ideal for last-minute touch-ups for you and your bridal party.
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Stray cuticles, rough elbows, parched lips, and even the tight, dry corners of crying eyes can benefit from this rich, colorless balm that hydrates and plumps.
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Through the pictures, toasts, and dances, there may be some tears and smears, so clean them up quickly with these vegan, individually packaged swabs prepared with just the right amount of gentle makeup remover. And, they're made from 98% post-consumer recycled soda bottles.
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Keep shiny foreheads and greasy cheeks at bay with these handy, completely natural blotting sheets. They won’t disturb makeup, and they're so discreet, you can stash them in a clutch for touch-ups any time.
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While we know outdoor weddings are magical, outdoor critters are not. Keep mosquitoes and ticks from ruining your big day with these natural, effective, non-staining wipes. Score points with your guests by keeping a container at every table so everyone’s comfortable enough to dance the "Macarena" without being eaten alive.
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Hydrate, perfume, and cleanse all over with these coconut-milk-infused wipes that will make you and your bridal party feel fresh and clean — even after you’ve had four people help you hike up your dress to use the restroom.
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Remove any tell-tale signs of those midday canapes and freshen breath with these sustainably harvested, USA-grown birch toothpicks, infused with natural mint and tea tree or cinnamon oils. So slim and discreet, it's an item you’ll want to slip in all the guests’ pockets, too.