10 Eco-Smart Beauty Products We'll Never Stop Using

We all have our must-have beauty items, but sometimes it's refreshing to try something completely different. Especially when that something new is a good-for-you and good-for-the-planet product pick. We can't let you miss out on a golden, erm…green opportunity to try our eco-smart, prettifying favorites. So, indulge your need for beauty binging with natural products that'll get you squeaky clean, moisturized, and gorgeous. At the same time, they'll fit perfectly into your environmentally friendly lifestyle. Click through to peep some Mother Nature-approved options we're completely swooning over, and don't be shy about trying them yourselves. Will you find a fresh forever-favorite? We did.
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Kiehl's recently partnered up with some earth-lovin' celebs who designed awesome packaging for this product (Spike Lee, Florence Welch, etc). You need to try this skin-purifying, pore-minimizing mask. It's soothing and hydrating, and we're addicted.

Kiehl's Limited Edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, $23, available at Kiehl's.
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This product is an eco-friendly twofer. This paraben-free, sulfate-free and phalate-free formula leaves all the gnarly chemicals out of your hair that you didn't want in there in the first place, but there's a bonus, too. Using this product, you'll only need to wash your hair twice a week (you'll get used to it), and just think about how much water you'll conserve.

black 15in1 TWICE A WEEK Miracle Hair Shampoo, $20 for 6.6 oz, available at black 15in1.
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You guys, the smell.

Method Pure Naked Moisturizing Body Wash in White Tea, $4.99, available at Method.
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You're applying your SPF 15 lip treatment every day anyway, right? Why not use one that's made of 95% natural products and tastes delicious. We'll take three!

YesTo Carrots Sweet Fig Lip Butter with SPF 15, $3.49, available at YesTo Carrots.
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La Bella Figura has changed the way we think about skin care, and it's only natural that we'd obsess over their haircare products too. We're sold on this hair oil that leaves our locks just moisturized enough and split-end free.

La Bella Figura Bohemia Verde, $25, available at La Bella Figura.
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This product looks a little sci-fi when it comes out of the bottle, but trust us when we tell you it's a miracle worker for anyone with fine hair. It's a kind of liquidy-powder that cranks up the volume and texture of your hairstyle to 11.

Alterna Bamboo Texturizing Body Boost, $22, available at Ulta.
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Face creams are tough. You don't want to slather on a bunch of chemicals, but you do want something that's going to be moisturizing and effective. This cream is rich (but not heavy), and leaves your skin feeling clean and moisturized, not chemical-clogged.

Zinn Morocco Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream, $29.99, available at Ulta.
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We love 2-in-1 products because they mean less packaging, less product, and less time out of your day gettin' gorgeous. Cleanse and tone your skin without drying it out in one very quick step. This is great for removing makeup, too!

Weleda One-Step Cleanser & Toner, $19, available at Weleda.
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Again, we want to tell you how moisturizing and lovely this product feels (#truth), but we're a bit intoxicated by the smell. Give us a minute.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Cocktail Body Wash, $8.95, available at Alba Botanica.
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If you're looking for a hydrating skin refresher, here she is, friends. Spritz this on the morning after you've been unkind to your skin, and it will thank you.

SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals Molecular Mist, $36, available at SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals.