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The eBay Search Terms That Dig Up Gold

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    Any fashion lover or collector will tell you that one of the trickiest territories to navigate is eBay. Yes, the online auction site can be a gold mine, but more often than not, it's a gold mine cluttered with questionable pictures, confusing descriptions, and hours worth of scrolling. So, while the art of the eBay hunt may take time to master, we started at the very basics: the search term.

    Our own editor-in-chief — and Olympian-level vintage collector — Christene Barberich pointed us in the right direction. Actually, make that five right directions. As our in-house eBay whiz, Christene spilled on the five best search terms that are sure to dig up gold on the site. Our challenge? The digging.

    Ahead, we rounded up our EIC's tips and a few of our own recent findings available to buy or bid on right now. And, the best part is, unlike the products, these search terms don't expire. Commit them to memory, and keep checking to see when more amazing, vintage merch pops up.

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