20 Apartment DIYs You Can Actually Do

In our minds, "spring refresh" doesn't mean plunking down all the monies on a sofa with several zeroes dangling off the tag. Our apartments just need a little pick-me-up and lovin' with a handmade touch. We're speaking of the subtle accents that create a drastic wow factor — a revamped coffee table tray, a new piece of marbleized artwork, or some fresh paint on a coat rack.

So, we gathered up 20 home projects for this weekend that are doable for everyone, from the glue-stick newbie to the table-saw crafter. There's even a disco ball succulent holder that's like a marriage between Katy Perry and Martha Stewart.
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Photo: Courtesy of Almost Makes Perfect.
Faux Ceramic Ring Holders by Almost Makes Perfect

All your fancy rings deserve a fancy holder. These speckled ones look like you bought them from an expensive makers' fair.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Jungalow.
DIY Arrows by The Jungalow

Friendly little weapons that'll look great above your bar cart or in a vase on a mantel.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Jungalow.
Marbled Pots by The Jungalow

Have a drawer full of nail polish you'll never wear again? Use it to create gorgeous marbled pots for your sill.

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Photo: Courtesy of BRIT + CO.
Pour Over Coffee Maker by BRIT + CO

You'll never go to Blue Bottle, Ritual, or Sightglass coffee again after you make your own chic pipe holder.
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Photo: Courtesy of DesignLoveFest.
Hanging Planter by DesignLoveFest

One of these block planters will not be enough in your kitchen. Also, hanging your clock low on the wall is actually cool.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Merry Thought.
Wooden Bench by The Merry Thought

Maybe you're not going on spring break, but this natural laced bench will let you pretend. We're also trying the composition of this hat and triangle wall art.
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Photo: Courtesy of Monsters Circus.
DIY Statement Coffee Table by Monsters Circus

A textured table made out of kid's blocks? Brilliant. Painted all white takes juvenile to elevated.
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Photo courtesy of Earnest Home Co.
Rose Gold Leather Mouse Pad by Earnest Home Co

Spiff up your home office with a shiny pad that'll make being indoors less painful.
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Photo: Courtesy of Almost Makes Perfect.
Moon Phase Wall Hanging by Almost Makes Perfect

We love the moon and the moon loves us. This hanging deserves to be solo on a white wall.
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Photo: Courtesy of BRIT+CO.
Tissue-Covered Furniture by BRIT+CO.

Cheapest DIY right here. Turn a blah seat into a graphic statement piece with tissue paper. The possibilities = overwhelming.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sugar & Cloth.
Pom Pom Wallhanging by Sugar & Cloth

The tapestry trend rages on, but this circular version reminiscent of the mome raths in Alice in Wonderland is a cut above.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Fresh Exchange.
Custom Headboard by The Fresh Exchange

Switching out your headboard is like changing a centerpiece. The mossy green here contrasts beautifully with the slate wall behind.
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Photo: Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess.
Graphic Embroidered Art by A Beautiful Mess

Never have yarn weavings looked so modern. This piece looks especially great leaning casually on a shelf.
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Photo: Courtesy of Brittany Makes.
Copper Pipe Ladder by Brittany Makes

For all those slim walls in your apartment that can't house a table or shelf, go vertical with a sleek ladder. We'd hang zines and magazines off it, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of Emily Henderson.
Wooden Dowel Coatrack by Emily Henderson

Try subtle colorblocking on this coat rack, then leave it coat-free once spring really hits.
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Photo: Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess.
Marbleized Paper by A Beautiful Mess

Looking for some new affordable art? This tutorial is the best for creating gorgeous prints you can frame.
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Photo: Courtesy of Land Of Nod.
Yarn Wall Art by Oleander + Palm

Go bold or go home. The colors of this simple hanging make it work without any weaving.
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Photo: Courtesy of Oleander + Palm.
Triangle Patterned Tray by Oleander + Palm

Jazz up a boring coffee table piece you already own with some craft-paint stamping.
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Photo: Courtesy of Paper & Stitch.
Embellished Notecards by Paper & Stitch

Be that person who sends custom spray-painted invites to your friends for Easter brunch.
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Photo: Courtesy of A Bubbly Life.
Disco Ball Succulent Planters by A Bubbly Life

We want a million of them. The end.