30 Throw-On-And-Go Dresses For Every Event This Spring

It seems like every activity on your iCal is an event worthy of dressing up this time of year: Sunday brunch outside, garden parties, park strolls, rooftop weddings, heck even just taking the long route to run your errands. All the new, pretty dresses on the racks right now further incentivize that desire to opt for something more special instead of your tired jeans-and-tee combo. Ahead, we rounded up 30 of our favorite new picks. Grab one (or a few) and get ready to enjoy all this season has to offer.

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The friend-of-a-friend's party where you may run into an old Tinder fling (or a new not-Tinder one).
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When you're trying to look put-together at your nephew's fifth birthday party.
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For fancy brunch with your annoyingly upscale friend.
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For that impromptu Ariana Grande dance party in your apartment.
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For standing in the corner and chowing on free apps at that random charity gala.
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After-work drinks with your venting crew.
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For your sister's bridal shower.
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For that black-tie wedding.
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That housewarming party for your new neighbor where you need to look cool and sophisticated, but not annoying and overdone.
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Bachelorette party time!
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That casual afternoon date with your main squeeze.
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A garden party with your mother-in-law.
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Celebrating your cousin's big promotion at dinner. (Try to leave the sad face at home, even if you're a bit jealous of her success.)
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That high school reunion that the one friend you still talk to is forcing you to attend.
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For your BFF's backyard BBQ.
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A chill day on the beach with your main crew.
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Going stag to your colleague's rooftop fiesta.
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Sipping cocktails with your best friends.
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A get-together with the side of the family that's always just a little too perfectly dressed.
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For a basketball game (or any sporting event!) when you don't care enough to invest in team colors.
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Elbowing up to your favorite bar.
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For frozen drinks at a beachside restaurant.
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For that super-fancy affair in the country.
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For going straight from your desk to drinks with your S.O.'s parents.
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When you have nothing to wear to that last-minute semi-formal soiree.
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When RSVP'ing "no" to your ex's wedding would've had too much subtext.
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For your older brother's random spring party, because your inner high school self still kind of wants to impress his friends.
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Hosting your first dinner party that involves plates instead of pizza boxes.
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For the book-signing of that author for whom you're harboring a serious friend-crush.
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For grabbing that corner booth and all the fries on a rainy night à deux.