8 Surprisingly Delicious Things You Can Do With Your Oatmeal

Photographed by Tory Rust.
Getting out of bed on brutal winter mornings is a test of willpower. To win this battle, you'll need the best incentive possible, in the form of a delicious, toasty, healthy breakfast. As far as nutritional value and convenience go, you really can't beat a hearty serving of oatmeal.

To fête National Oatmeal Month, we've rounded up eight unconventional recipes that will do the Quaker man proud. With secret ingredients like sriracha sauce and chia seeds, your daily bowl of grains is about to get a lot more interesting (without much more legwork).
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Chia Seeds
You can make this superfood-infused oatmeal overnight — no cooking necessary.
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Basil Pesto
Oatmeal cooked in pesto sauce tastes similar to risotto, but has a much shorter prep time.
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Matcha Powder
The Japanese green tea powder is delicious not just in a latte. Add it to your bowl of grains for a sweeter twist.
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People love putting this hot sauce in everything, so we're not surprised that somebody came up with a way to incorporate it into breakfast.
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Culinary Lavender
Oatmeal with little flower buds floating on top? Prettiest breakfast, ever.
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Pumpkin Puree
Throw back to warmer times with this recipe, featuring fall's favorite fruit.
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Madras Curry Powder
This curried version will convince you to make oatmeal for lunch, too.
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Dried Mango
Stir mango and coconut strips into your oatmeal for a hint of tropical flavor.
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