4 Brunch Hacks That Will Save You Time & Money

Photographed by Sam Kaplan; Food Styled by Jamie Kimm; Prop Styled by Chloe Daley
Brunch is, hands-down, our favorite meal. Not only does it make it totally acceptable to eat breakfast foods late into the afternoon, it's also the best time to catch up with friends. And while we love to go out for brunch, on some weekend mornings we just want to stay in our pajamas. But we still want Instagram-worthy eats; cereal on a Saturday makes us sad. To solve our lazy-Sunday woes, we've got four easy brunch recipes that you can whip up at home — yes, in your PJs.

You can make all of these within 10 to 30 minutes, and you'll feel just as good about your meal as if you had waited over an hour for a table at the hippest new brunch spot. Your inner lazy girl (and your credit card) will thank you.
Breakfast Crumble
A baked breakfast might sound tough to pull off, but the only difficult part about this recipe is waiting the 20 minutes for it to come together in the oven. The rest is just throwing whatever fruit you've got on hand together with an easy-to-execute breakfast version of a crumble top.

Makes 2 individual crumbles
2 cups fruit (we used berries, but any fruit will do — frozen berries* are fine, too)
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp flour
2 tbsp maple syrup or honey
3 tbsp rolled oats
1 tbsp butter, at room temperature

Optional mix-ins:
4-6 almonds or nuts
2 tsp chia seeds
Lemon or orange zest

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. If you are using fruit larger than berries, chop the fruit. Mix with 1 tbsp flour, vanilla extract, and 1 tbsp honey or maple syrup. Make sure everything is combined.

2. Spoon the fruit mixture into a ramekin or other small, oven-safe bowl or jar.

3. Combine the remaining tbsp of flour with the remaining tbsp of maple syrup or honey, oats, and butter. Use your fingers to mix the ingredients together thoroughly. Add in any optional mix-ins you want to include, like nuts, seeds, or zest.

4. Sprinkle half the crumble topping on each of the ramekins. Bake the crumbles for 20 minutes or until the fruit is warm and bubbly and the oats are just golden-brown.

*If using frozen berries, add 8-10 minutes to the baking time.
Mexican Breakfast Pizza
This pizza hack is so simple. The tortilla "crust" makes the whole dish possible to pull off in only 10 minutes, plus you really can throw on whatever you've got in the fridge.

Makes 1 pizza

1 tortilla
1/2 oz shredded cheese
1 egg
1/2 avocado
1 tbsp salsa (any kind is fine)
Optional toppings:
Hot sauce

1. Place the tortilla in a pan. The tortilla should be roughly the size of the pan, or a bit larger. It’s better to use a pan that’s smaller than the tortilla than a pan that’s bigger.

2. Spoon the salsa on to the tortilla and sprinkle the cheese over the top. If you want to add any other toppings, like chorizo or extra veggies, add them now.

3. Crack the egg in the center of the tortilla and heat the pan over low-to-medium heat. Cover the pan so no heat escapes; this will make the egg cook much faster. If you don’t have a cover for the pan, just use a heavy plate.

4. After 6-8 minutes, the cheese should be bubbly and the egg should be cooked through, with a slightly runny yolk. Slide the tortilla onto a plate and add the avocado slices. Drizzle on a little extra salsa if desired.
Yogurt Trifle
A trifle is usually a decadent dessert, with layers of cake and cream. But this deliciously easy version, made with Noosa yogurt, can be enjoyed for breakfast.
Makes 1 trifle

1 small pastry (muffin, croissant, brioche) or slice of toast drizzled with honey and a pinch of cinnamon
1/3 cup berries or other chopped fruit
8 oz Noosa yogurt (honey or vanilla)

1. Chop or crumble the pastry or bread, and chop any large berries or fruit.

2. Starting from the bottom of a glass or jar, layer pastry or bread, yogurt, pastry or bread, fruit, and yogurt. Garnish the top layer with any leftover fruit.

3. Eat immediately, or refrigerate overnight to enjoy later.
Avocado Hash
Avocado toast is often our go-to breakfast, but we want something a little more exciting on the weekends. That's where this recipe comes in: It still involves our favorite ingredient, but also a mix of sautéed veggies, plus fried eggs on top. Yum!
Serves 2

1 shallot or 1/2 onion, diced
1/2 avocado
5-8 small potatoes or 2 medium potatoes
1 carrot (or other root vegetable of your choice)
1 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper
2 eggs (optional)
Hot sauce (optional)

1. Drizzle the olive oil into a pan and add the shallot or onion. Cook on very low heat while you prep the rest of the ingredients.

2. Chop the potato and carrot. Aim for fairly small pieces, so they cook quickly and evenly.

3. Add the vegetables to the pan with the onion and turn the heat up to medium. Add salt and pepper to the pan.

4. While the vegetables cook, chop the avocado into large chunks. If you want to add an egg to the hash, scramble, fry, or poach it now.

5. After 10 minutes or so, the potatoes and carrots should be cooked through and just starting to brown. At this point, add the avocado chunks and continue to cook the veggies for another minute, until the avocado is warmed through.

6. Top with egg and your favorite condiment (such as hot sauce).

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