Hot Chick: 15 Extra-Cute Easter Frocks

It's just a week until Easter, so if you're still searching for an ensemble that won't make granny cringe, but will still turn a few heads, we feel ya! Go one frill too far, and you've tip-toed into toddler turf — so not okay — but you don't want to look like you didn't try, either.
If you ask us, it's best to look for dresses that highlight your grown-up attributes, and avoid ruffles at all costs! Sunday dresses that are innocent, but pretty enough that you'll want to wear them on a springtime date are where it's at.
And on that front, we've got you 100 percent covered. From colors that pop to lovely lace — this Easter, the eggs won’t be the only things that are dip-dyed. We've rounded up 15 darling dresses you'll want to wear all spring long. Click through and peep our stellar finds.