Now, This Is The Holy Grail Of Statement Necklaces

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    It’s a rare occasion when we're instantly gobsmacked by a truly transformative piece of jewelry. But, we simply couldn't tear ourselves away from DYLANLEX's collection of statement necklaces, which are in a league all their own. Drew Ginsburg, the designer and founder of the brand, is the brains behind these super-charged baubles, employing a hands-on approach to making distinct, wearable works of art. And, featuring an array of mixed metals and Swarovski crystals for chic, vintage-inspired styles, her New York-based line is taking artisanship to truly great heights.

    It all starts with a single source of inspiration — antiqued colors, rhinestone cuts, and so on. From there, Ginsburg transforms those concepts into radical, dynamic designs with varying textures, depths, and crystal strands. The finished results are electrifying, decadent, and ornamental, with a touch of punk for a mind-bending mix of tough-meets-pretty. Bottom line: Ginsburg’s masterful collection is both daring and supremely original. Follow her lead, and declare your individuality with any of the six statement-worthy, splurgy styles ahead.

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