Cheers! Guzzle Up Your Fave Drinks In 7 Of The Coolest Glasses Around

Sometimes, the shape of a cocktail glass is enough to make you want what's inside. For example, tall cylinders for beer, wide globes for wine, and the simple geometry of a classic Martini glass when done right are enough to make lushes out of the best of us. While we usually spend that spare 15 minutes before a movie at the Grove browsing Zara, not Sur La Table, we've found that a few strategic upgrades to a bar cart can go a long way.
We road-tested our theory just to be sure, and guess what? It's true: We love our after-work brew even more when sipped from a special stein. Turns out the same holds true for some of our other favorite libations, too, so we've gone ahead and done the footwork for you. Here, we've matched seven delicious drinks with their perfect glass complements. So, go ahead, dive in and say salut in style!
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The coupé glass has made a major comeback in recent years. While originally used for champagne, the coupé is perfect for today's revivals of classic cocktails like Hemingway's favorite: the daiquiri.

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Saucer Champagne, $71.90 for a set of 6, available at Amazon.
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A good double Old Fashioned is an absolute necessity, and we love the detailed fluting on this one. The subtle widening at the top makes it a perfect contender for a Florentine favorite: the negroni.

10 Strawberry Street Duval Double Old Fashioned Glass, $8.50, available at Bloomingdale's.
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What would life be without the pleasure of the perfect Martini? Although its origins are disputed, many believe it was first served in San Francisco under the name the "Martinez," as in the nearby town. The Martini a California invention? We'll drink to that. And how lovely would your gin or vodka look in this subtly green-colored version of the classic?

Kohl's Certified International Martini Set, $52.49, available at Kohl's.
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When it comes to pilsner we like it high — the taller the glass, the better. Clocking in at nine-and-a-half inches, this one definitely qualifies. Throw this puppy in the freezer till it's frosty, and then fill to the brim with brew for serious Bohemian pleasures.

Spiegelau Wheat Pilsner Beer Glasses, $24.99, available at
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Sangria can get a bad rap, thanks to the saccharine 7 Up-infused kind, but make your own at home (so easy!), and share a pitcher with a few good friends — it sure hits the spot. Pour some of your homemade stock over ice in these authentic Sangria glasses, turn up the Flamenco music, and your patio will be (practically) transformed into a Catalan cafe!

Marbella Sangria Glass, $5.50, available at The Spanish Table.
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We'll admit it — we love an unconventional wine glass. While you can never go wrong with Riedel's classics, we love to mix it up. Enter: This fabulous stem from Ichendorf. It is the perfect balance of unassuming country-style dimensions with lithe lines befitting the finest Michelin-starred table. We're sure your sommelier would approve.

Ichendorf Venezia Red Wine Glass, $22, available at Barney's.
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If you're serious about bourbon or rye, these modern beauties designed for Rikke Hagen are for you. The bubble at the center of the base lifts the ice-cubes (or a single large cube) off the bottom of the glass and also provides a rest for your finger, allowing for that classic whiskey interplay between temperature, aroma, and volume to coalesce into a seriously soothing experience.

Rikke Hagen Two Whiskey Glasses, $61, available at Gretel Home.