NYC's Most Fashionable Guys Give Their Style Advice

Shhh. Leave this open on your desktop and step away. Make sure he thinks you aren't looking. Now, watch in awe as your slightly sartorially challenged guy gets straightforward and easy tips from New York's most stylish dudes. We've got advice on how to dress or gift your man, and we've tapped the best: These guys aren't just well-dressed, they are at NYC's frontlines of fashion. Our cheat sheet — with help from the boys at Odin, Carlos Campos, and more — includes boy basics, quick-'n'-easy pointers, and brilliant styling how-tos that'll get him questioning more than just "tucked in or out?" From dressing up in winter to taking care of investment leather boots on salt-stained NYC streets, each of these helpful hints will make him feel empowered — not pressured — to step up his style game. And, better yet, this list also offers suggestions on what to look for when you shop for him come February 14. How sweet is that?
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Carlos Campos, Designer:

"Every guy should own a colored scarf during the colder months. When winter comes, everyone always dresses in dark colors like black, charcoal, and navy and it becomes so depressing. Adding some color cheers up a look and helps you get through those dark, dreary months."

We think: Go for thick wools that aren't too tight, so your boo is cozy and warm.

Yigal Azrouël Chunky Cable Knit, $487, available at Yigal Azrouël. Barneys New York Bold Striped Scarf, $129, available at Barneys.

Photo: Courtesy of Agentry PR.
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Andrew Buckler, Designer:

"So guys don't look like hikers, I suggest army style boots. If you can find vintage, even better! For pants, anything with wool in them… the more wool the warmer and happier you'll be. Also, know the best way to tie a scarf: Fold the scarf then pull the two ends through the loop using your neck as the choker."

We think: A great pair of solid grey wool pants is a perfect wardrobe addition for dressing up and down.

Hudson Dodger boot, $320, available at Topman; Gant by Michael Bastian Prince Of Wales Wool Trousers, $143, available at Park & Bond.

Photo: Courtesy of Factory PR.
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Bernardo Rojo, Creative Director of Joseph Abboud:

"Every man should own a great ash gray crew-neck chunky mohair sweater. The hairiness of the yarn will give you the perfect feel of warmth. A pair of moleskin trousers in winter neutrals is a must have. Put it together with an unconstructed jersey blazer for a refined casual look. Lastly, I would suggest a leather car coat in a dark color. This coat is more of an investment piece, but will last you through the years."

We think: More treated, vintage leather tends to look less motorcycle and more Indiana Jones, but make sure the aging isn't too over-the-top.

Dunhill Cotton Moleskin Trousers, $225, available at Mr. Porter. Burberry Brit Raddington Coat, $1,495, available at Barneys.

Image: Courtesy of Agentry PR.
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George Esquivel, Shoe Designer:

"Great shoe care is a must in the winter. To clean leather shoes or boots (not suede or nubuck) of dirt and oil, just use a damp cloth (not soaked) with cool water and wipe entire shoe down. Let the shoe completely dry. Then apply 1-2 coats of neutral wax, which you can find at at any shoe repair. The wax will give the leather a nice shine and will help protect against harsh winter elements."

We think: Extreme toe boots are bad! Gentle curves and organic shapes are more effortless and man-pleasing.

Esquivel Armanac boot, $700, available at Bonobos; Kiwi Shoe Polish, $4.49, available at Walgreens.

Photo: Courtesy of Rio PR.
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Eddy Chai (pictured) and Paul Birardi, co-owners of Odin;

Eddy says: "Sometimes it's not about the boot itself that makes guys look like a winter-time hiker. If you're accompanying boots with workwear style clothing, (as well as plaids and flannel), they will just punctuate that aesthetic. A safe bet is just to avoid a rugged or thick sole, thick laces, and a high boot. Mid-size boots with a slight lifted sole and a softer leather — or no leather at all — will help as well. I tend to like long scarves that you can drape around your neck more than once. If it's a long cotton scarf, I sometimes tie a few knots at different points so it's not so bulky. If it's a shorter scarf, the classic simple pulling it through a loop is fine but I don't think I will ever be able to stomach using a scarf as an ascot.  There's some dandy guys that can pull it off – but they're far and few."

We think: Totally agree with Eddy. Leave the major lace-up boots to punk rockers and models.

Engineered Garments Scarf, $65, available at Odin.; J.D. Fisk Lennon Boot, $199, available at J.D. Fisk.

Photo: Courtesy of Maguire Steele.
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Brian Mazza of Windsor Custom, Custom Menswear:

"I love winter because layering allows you to get creative with patterns and fabric. Wear a heavier cotton shirt with a cut-off collar and knit tie, layered with either a merino wool V-neck or a cashmere V-neck. For a more dress-down look, wear a herringbone jacket over a henley. In the winter, a slim knitted silk tie or wool tie really gives a fresh look to a winter wardrobe. A winter essential is also a two-button tweed jacket that you can either dress up or down."

We think: Thick wool ties in solid colors are cool and casual, and have the weightiness of winter, too!

Billy Reid Rustin Tweed Coat, $417, available at Billy Reid; John Varvatos Silk-And-Cashmere-Blend Henley, $245, available at Mr. Porter.

Photo: Courtesy of Rio PR.

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