Dress Yourself (And Your Imaginary Friend) In British Brand Nadinoo

While adult-conjured “imaginary friends” may not always bring to mind the perfect picture of mental health, Nadia Izruna—mastermind behind superb two-year-old British brand Nadinoo —might just change all that. Izruna designs for Nadinoo (the name born from a childhood nickname) with three magical, invented muses in mind: This season Pixie is the fun tomboy, Lula is the flirt, and Fleur is the starry-eyed flower child. The spring line (and simple-but-sweet lookbook) dropped just in time to meet the season’s rising temperatures. Anchored by a subtle crop top with a can’t-miss bow and easy dresses (at whatever hemline you fancy), the collection has a muted vintage feel perfect for the washed-out days of warmer weather. And...bonus! All clothes from Nadinoo are handmade and all the prints are Liberty of London—this season you can sport old-timey airplanes or rad variations on a botanical theme. Imaginary pals as muses? With clothes this cute, sign us up for the institution!
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