The 3 Most Perfect Dresses For YOUR Body

Summer isn't the only time of year for wearing those trusty throw-on-and-go dresses. We find that the artfully lazy one-piece outfit is a seasonless treasure. And, crisp autumn weather just cues the hunt for a new version of the wardrobe staple: one that helps bring boots back into rotation, pairs well with tights, and generally makes transitional dressing easier. Even better if it fits your body gloriously.
That's where we step in. No, we're not doing your tailoring, but we've crafted a guide to fall dresses that flatter each and every body type. After all, if you're about to crown your next sartorial MVP, it might as well be one that's practically made for you. One that celebrates your curves, your height, or your lack of either. Ahead, we have 33 dresses that are up for the task.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
We're fans of the "if you got it, flaunt it" mantra. And, when it comes to the ballerina body, that means owning your height and lean figure with something like this season's slim knits. The straight-lined sweater dress will skim your athletic frame, which will be further complemented by the high-neckline detail.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
Long Torso
A shift dress with a slightly boxy shape is perfect for tricking the eye about where your hips begin or end. For anyone with a long torso, this will create a bit more symmetry between your upper and lower body. The short hem will make your legs look elongated, too.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
Your legs are lean and long. So, to balance the proportions of your broader shoulders, look for a drop-waist dress that serves up a heavy dose of pleating toward the bottom. Since the style will be wider and have movement at the bottom, it will add a bit more width to your lower half while drawing the eye to two of your best assets.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
The classic fit and flare has always been the bread and butter of the hourglass lady's wardrobe. Essentially the silhouette mimics your own proportions, which is the most flattering way to dress your bombshell shape. Of course, that's not to say you're phoning it in; get creative with prints, textures, and colors, and the trusty style will always feel fresh.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
The tiered ruffle dress was one of your most flattering summer trends, and it's got a fall iteration, too. It's warmer but just as helpful for faking a few curves with its multilayered shape. The trend is especially fitting for ladies who want to add a little more dimension in a subtle, sleek way.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
Petite & Compact
Finding the perfect fit can often pose a challenge for ladies on the small side. But, don't overthink it. A micro dress on a petite lady is usually a trusty standby. We especially love the boxy shape of this autumn's offerings, which will add just a bit of bulk to your figure without overpowering.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
Small Chest
Like the backless dress or plunging V neckline, some trends work especially well for the small-bust set. And, this fall, it's the pleats — not ones splayed across skirts per say, but ones that run all the way down the length of your body. Whereas a busty woman may have trouble wearing chest pleats (and making sure they don't fan open), on you the quirky detail is super flattering and even adds some slight dimension to your petite top.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
The trick to finding the perfect pear dress is to look for one that will accent your smaller upper body and honor your amazing curves below. For this season, we recommend something fit in the bodice with a full, midi-length skirt. Your bottom will fill out the dress, but in a way that's neither clingy nor so covered up that your shape doesn't show through when you sashay.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
For busty ladies, it's hard to find a fit that's comfortable across the chest, yet defined in the waist — basically avoiding the sack-of-potatoes look that does little for your curvy shape. This season's tied-at-the-waist shirt dresses are your saving grace. Choose the size that fits across your bust most comfortably, then adjust the sash to fit your smaller midsection. It will provide a fit so flattering you'll practically want to live in this silhouette.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
The dress you're looking for is one that defines your figure but doesn't hug your midsection too tightly. Consider the droopy-waist dress the best of both worlds. While the name may suggest a sad face, the style accentuates the waist before flaring out into a fuller skirt. The ruffles or pleats not only provide a beautiful, breezy shape, but they keep the look delicate and feminine.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
Short Torso
A drop waist dress does exactly as it claims: drops the appearance of your waist, which is especially helpful for short-torso'd ladies. But, we specifically love fall's flipped-out-at-the-end version that provides a long column shape down your upper body — another lengthening trick — and accents the hem with a trumpeted flare. It's the perfect, thoughtful amount of frill.