What We're Wearing To The Oscars (We Can Dream A Little, Okay?)

Okay, fine. So what if our last film endeavor premiered on Vine instead of at Cannes? Or, that the closest we'll come to walking the red carpet is the next time we spill a bottle of Pinot Noir? One of the best parts about this time of year is dreaming about what we'd wear to accept our own award — because if the world isn't going to create a "Most Hilarious Use of an Inside Joke on Instagram" accolade, you might as well treat yourself to a little digital window-shopping as consolation.
So, suspend reality for a bit, and come red-carpet shopping with us. (Just charge it on your black card! And, buy a second frock for your BFF Beyoncé!). Ahead, find the 10 dresses we'd totally wear if the envelope had our name in it.

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