The Local's Guide to DTLA

Downtown Los Angeles has been having a major "moment" going on three years now. But, with so many new businesses in the 'hood, how do you decipher the best from the rest? Easy! Just let us be your guide.
Ahead, a nail salon from the future, ice-cream churned by bicycles, a macaron shop that gives Ladurée a run for its money, and much more!
SlideIllustrated by Gabriela Alford. Neihule
From the pod-like pedicure chairs that resemble individual, little white spaceships — and come complete with personal iPads — to the glass of complimentary champagne, Neihule redefines pampering. Plus, there's even an herb bar to select which essential oils you'd like incorporated into your pedicure. See you there on Sunday?
Neihule, 607 South Olive Street (near West 6th Street); 213-623-4383.

Peddlers Creamery
Is it an ice-cream shop? Or a bike store? Well, technically, Peddler's Creamery is both. The newly opened business makes artisan ice cream churned from — you guessed it — a manual bicycle. Sure, you'll likely consume the calories you would lose in an average Soul Cycle class, but a scoop of the Salted Carmel or Mint Chocolate Cookie is definitely worth the splurge.
Peddler's Creamery, 458 South Main Street (at East Fifth Street); 213-537-0257.

An acronym for This Here Very Moment, THVM Atelier offers a carefully curated mix of local indie designers like Raquel Allegra, Cerre, and, of course, their own eponymous line of perfectly tailored denim, in a creepy-cool warehouse setting.
THVM, 1317 Palmetto Street (near Mateo Street); 213-617-0667.

TLT Food
What started as an insanely popular food truck, TLT Food officially opened its second storefront location this week. While we've heard rumors of exclusive additions to the DTLA menu, we can't imagine it'll be easy to order anything other than those short rib quesadillas. And, a massive sized limeade — obviously.
TLT Food, 225 West 7th Street (near Broadway); 213-377-5333.
SlideOnePhotos (From Left): Courtesy of Poketo, Pressed Juicery, The Well. Poketo
Initially an online destination, Poketo opened its first brick-and-mortar store just over a year ago — and we couldn't be happier about this decision! The 3-D location is pretty much what stationary fiends dream of, featuring perfect notebooks in myriad of Pantone-approved colors, chic household knickknacks, and tons of inspiration for a crafter-noon.
Poketo, 820 East 3rd Street (near South Hewitt Street); 213-537-0751.

Pressed Juicery
If you like the sound of a juice cleanse more than you like an actual big, fat jug of green juice, then we highly recommend checking out Pressed Juicery. In addition to a range of bright-green juices, the booming L.A. company offers incredible flavors like Coconut Cinnamon, Watermelon Mint, and Chocolate Almost Milk, in case your tastebuds haven't quite gotten used to drinking liquified kale.
Pressed Juicery, 860 South Los Angeles Street (near East 9th Street); 213-688-9700.

The Well
Okay, we know what you're thinking: A high-end clothing store meets salon meets Dr. Evil's underground lair? In theory, yes. But, in reality, it's actually really awesome. Whether shopping for a Clover Canyon dress or Maison Martin Margiela booties, looking for a quick trim and blowout, or toasting to the latest art and fashion collab, well, now you know where to go.
The Well, 1006 South Olive Street (near West Olympic Boulevard); 213-550-4448.
Boasting original works by everyone from Jackson Pollock to Mark Rothko to Robert Rauschenberg to Diane Arbus, MOCA houses some of the most influential and provocative pieces of contemporary art in history. And, that's merely the museum's permanent collection. Currently on display (ending September 16), the exhibit A New Sculpturalism showcases the work of the very best 38 architects to come out of L.A. in the last 25 years. Catch it before it's gone!
The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), 250 South Grand Avenue (near West 4th Avenue); 213-626-6222.

The Last Bookstore
Attention zealots: Keep to yourself! You've had your time front and center. As the largest independent tome shop in SoCal, The Last Bookstore is the Willy Wonka Factory of bookstores. There's a literal tunnel of texts, hidden stacks, a section of novels organized entirely by color, and an entire floor of books priced at $1 per title. And, yes, we think Matilda hangs out there.
The Last Bookstore, 453 South Spring Street (near West 5th Street); 213-488-0599.

Bottega Louie
Speaking of Wonka, all sugar connoisseur's should immediately relocate at Bottega Louie. With sky-high, gleaming-white ceilings and endless marble counters, the Italian restaurant and patisserie is one of the most spectacular, jaw-dropping spaces in L.A. And, the most stunning element of all is a massive wall-to-wall glass case filled with the most perfect-looking macaroons known to man. Go there and taste the rainbow.
Bottega Louie, 700 South Grand Avenue (at 7th Street); 213-802-1470.

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