Ditch The Skinny Jeans: 10 Ways To Dorkify Your Denim

There’s been quite the denim revolution as of late — it’s hard to know whether you should be cropping, lengthening, flaring, hiking up your waist, or booking a holiday to Honolulu. Jeans, you see, are unpredictable beasts. There aren’t many pairs that fit me really well, or that I end up coming back to again and again.

My two favorite jeans are ancient pairs from Topshop, rather than designer duds. My new favorite pair is pictured here: denim for dorks. Cropped, slightly flared, and showing just the neatest sliver of bare ankle. I like to pair the silhouette with a cropped jacket like this Tommy Hilfiger one, which is quite the opposite of what I normally go for in a jacket.

Click through the slideshow for the best denim picks that are just the right amount of dorky.

This post was originally published on PandoraSykes.com.

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