Donate To All Thrifty States, A Blog To Document What Americans Give Away

Between the few of us in the office, our thrifting experience is extensive enough to fill a library with advice, anecdotes, and awesome tchotchkes. But our thrifty ambitions pale in comparison to Jenna Pfueller, who wants to thrift in all 50 states and document all the wonderful and bizarre things that Americans deem useless enough to give away. Among the treasures? Fornicating taxidermic frogs, an ACDC snowglobe, and a sweet pair of Apple Bottom jeans. She's started a Kickstarter where funds will go towards purchasing all secondhand materials to gear her up for the trip (including an RV, clothes, and travel gear), updating her blog (please get rid of the all-caps comic sans for our sakes!), and creating a book to document all her experiences. Visit All Thrifty States here, and donate to the endeavor at Kickstarter.

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