Domino Effect

An old-timers game inspires a ring that breaks all the rules. By Valery Joseph
dominoring_openFor many, dominoes evoke tense scenes of neighborhood locals gathered around a table, rapt, as they consider their next move in an ever expanding game. For others, it's the symbol not of chance but rather causality: the proof that one act begets another. Whatever the perspective, it seems that the ancient game piece is back on the national psyche: this time in the form of a beautifully designed cocktail ring.
The talismanic qualities of the domino are explored in the form of gorgeous resin cast design by jeweler Meredith Kahn of Made Her Think. Both edgy and glamorous—and topped with a lucky seven array of Swarovski crystals—the assortment of chunky digit candy continues the designer's longtime fascination with mortality, mysticism, and memory. "For me," she says, "remembering one is mortal is the driving force behind life and love and taking risks." With one of her cherry-red shiners on your index finger, raising the stakes will be a snap.
Made Her Think Domino Ring, $110, available online at
An old-timers game inspires a ring that breaks all the rules.

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